London 3I want to thank all the fine people at The Mosby Foundation and their wonderful sponsors and contributors for helping my dog London for the operation she needed. She is a 10-year-old rescued Golden Retriever my husband and I adopted from Dallas-Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue two years ago. London is the sweetest loving girl anyone could have as a companion. She loves kids and all animals especially the small ones. London is not my pet rather we are her humans and proud of it. She had a mass in the front of her mouth and had six infected teeth that needed to be removed. London was having a difficult time eating and was in pain.

London 1Have not been for the generosity of the The Mosby Foundation we would not been able to afford to have the mass and teeth removed. Now she is doing great and can eat without any problems and acts like a puppy. We can tell she feels much better and enjoys playing with her sisters: Mija,a Chihuahua, and Misty, a Pekingese, who are also rescued dogs.  Once again thank you from our heart and soul!

Mark & Laura Richardson