Max – Bronx, NY

Update: 7/19/16

This is a precious dog that we helped to battle cancer……….Rest In Peace Sweet Boy………….

It breaks my heart to inform you that today July 14, 2016 another wonderful dog lost his fight with cancer. His name Max Veras. The best dog, companion and friend. He died surrounded by his mommy, his step-daddy, his 3 sisters but most of all surrounded with love and the warmest feeling a living being can have that he left this earth in peace. Max was everything a pet parent could ask and have. But cancer took away everything I wished for him. Thanks for giving me the best 10 months ever. Your donations, help, hopes and best wish did that. Now Max left a legacy of unconditional love and his foot prints will be marked in our hearts for the rest of our lives. This is not a good bye, but I will see you soon and I know you and all my other pets will be by my side when my time comes to cross over and we will be whole again. Rest in Peace my beloved Max.
Kenia Veras Gonzalez

Update: 4/18/16

Max-Update-41816On our way to Max’s week 21 treatment. I can’t believe it has been 7 months since he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and 4 months since he has been in remission. Everyday with him is a blessing and I will be always grateful to the Mosby Foundation and all their sponsors for making each day a brighter day for us. THANK YOU!!!!!

Kenia and Max Veras

Update: 4/1/16

IMG_5282I am very happy and grateful that Max has only 3 more cancer treatments to go. Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and their sponsors to give back these beautiful monuments of love and happiness.

Thank you!
Kenia Veras Gonzalez & Max
Bronx, NY

Update: 3/2/16

IMG_4859Today was my week 13 treatment and the oncologist told me that I looked great and my lymph nodesĀ  are normal size. Thank you to the Mosby Foundation and all their supporters for believing that I was not JUST A DOG but a loyal and faithful companion to my mommy.

Kenia & Max Veras
Bronx, NY