Memorials Fall 2015

In Memory of Dogs

DUDLEY “DUDDLES” KNAPP, a dear dog very much loved and missed by his wonderful family, from Traci Zimmerman

PRINCESS & MATTIE SMALL, from Mary & Paul Small

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

MAGGIE ADAMS, you were the sweetest, kindest, toughest little Border Collie in the world.  We love you and miss you every second of every day, love Carole & Johnny Adams

MAGGIE , a dear sweet Border Collie, from Mollie McCurdy

MAGGIE , in loving memory, love, Susan Aronson

MAGGIE, from Beverly Faulkenberry

MAGGIE, beloved Border Collie of Johnny & Carole Adams, from Dave & Gail Brown

BEASLEY,  my dear sweet Beagle, from Mollie McCurdy

BEASLEY, a much loved and very sweet Beagle girl of Mollie McCurdy, love Carole & Johnny Adams

BEASLEY, from Beverly Faulkenberry

BEASLEY, beloved Beagle of Mollie McCurdy, from JoAnn Mumma

CODA, loved by Bailee, Emily and Ben Masters, from Vicki Walter

SNOOKS COYNER, leaving a lasting impression forever, from Wendy & Larry Teeter

BAILEY BICK, from Barbara & Tom Amatucci

MOLLY KOHLER, a dear and very sweet girl loved by all, from Pat Harrington

MOSBY ADAMS, from Sheila  & Ray Roeder

MOSBY ADAMS, love Jan Johnson

COOPER, a Corgi, HOWE GABEAU, the “Handsome Prince”, from Henley Gabeau

COOPER GABEAU, from Ray & B.J. Blunt

COOPER, dear friend of Henley Gabeau, from Margaret Henderson

COOPER, beloved companion of Henley Gabeau, from Jeanne T. Holtmann & Bobby Whitescarver

SADIE, my cat who passed away 8-7-15 at the age of 18, from Audrey Hutchison

SADI, LILLY, SAM, K.C., ROXI, AND RAMBO, from Sue Dunlap

MOLLIE, from Webb Lutz

OUR LOVED ONES, from Ronald Yucas & John DeForge

COTY, from Angela Schulte

TEAZER, LIB & DOC, from Nancy Burton

ELLIE, with love, from Uncle Ron Hiserman

CASEY, beloved dog, from Jim & Barbara Bradley

COSMO, my handsome orange tabby who passed away at age 6 of a very severe bladder blockage. My Blue Tick hound misses him terribly, from Dave & Sue Solimine

TORQUE, the beloved friend of Ted & Nancy Mooney, from Henley Gabeau


DAISY DEARTH, love Jan Johnson

CAMDEN DEWITT, from Louise Moccia

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

MITZI, from Rachel Hughes

LUCY RUSSELL, beloved companion of Jeanne & Tony Russell, from Henley Gabeau

ANNA BELLE YATES, from Roberta & Wayne Dietz

ORION MEAD, a loving, lifelong companion, from Syvia Baldwin

BERNIE DEY, best beagle ever, from Pete Dey

In Memory of People

FRANK LARSON, from Richard Hillelson

FRANK LARSON, from Chris & Jill Shand

FRANK LARSON, from ManTech International Corporation

KATHERINE HARMON, from Rob & Mary Ashby

CASEY CARRIKER, from Bev Grimes

EVELYN HOTCHKISS, from Rona & Stuart Eisen

RALPH DEY & BERNIE,  from Pete Dey

MRS. ELEONORE CHERNOFF, by Sharon A. Whisten

In Honor of Dogs

MARLEY, our GREAT dog, from John & Carol Warren

In Honor of People

ALL OF THE MOSBY STAFF, from Sheila & Ray Roeder

ROYCE & PAM GIBSON, in thanks for letting us make their hay, from Mike & Susan Cromer



DR. KATHRYN DOBYNS & HER STAFF, MIDDLE RIVER VETERINARY HOSPITAL, VERONA, VA for ALWAYS stepping up; in this case, taking care of Beau, featured in your Summer Newsletter. Thank goodness for people who really care! …..Mike Reday

BEVERLY FAULKENBERRY, for fostering and adopting sweet Beau, from Mike Reday

With unending appreciation for all that you do at THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, from Elisabeth Arvin

CAROLE ADAMS, who has given so much of herself for so many years with the help of all of  Mosby’s wonderful volunteers, from Marilyn Ross

ANGELA BROWN, from Anne Frank

ANGELA BROWN, from JoAnne Maynard

CLAUDETTE J  TROUT,  from Barbara Wallace

CLAUDETTE  TROUT, on her 80th birthday, from Betty Gentry-Metzler