Memorials Winter 2016

In Memory of Dogs

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

DONALD, beloved dog of David & Gail Brown. He brought so much joy to our lives in the short time we had with him. We love you Donald Dog, from Patty & William Morrell

DONALD, the wonderful Aussie heart dog of Gail and Dave Brown, from Carole & John Adams

DONALD, such a sweet Mama’s Boywill be missed forever, from Gail & Dave Brown

DONALD, wonderful companion of Gail & Dave Brown, from George & Sharon Goodrow

DONALD, from Lois Sensabaugh

BITSY, a special, sweet, rescued beagle girl of Mollie McCurdy, from Carole & John Adams

BITSY, a sweet, cute, darling little soul who had been terribly abused and neglected. In loving memory to Bitsy who gave me 7 years of delight, from Mollie McCurdy

MISSY & CLARA, my beloved companions and friends my 4 footed furry family members, from Eleanor Pages

SOPHIE, from Janice Ballinger

HANZI & TOBI, who taught US the true value and strength of unconditional love, from Jim & Cheryl Reichard

COOPER, Corgi of Henley Gabeau, from Jean Hoffman

KAYLA, from Juanita Carter

ROCKY, beloved companion of Grace Garey, from Louise Moccia

MISSY, beloved companion of Sarah Cheverton, from Traci Zimmerman

GRETCHEN, dear companion of Shelley Aley, from Traci Zimmerman

PACO, beloved dog of Lois & Mark Leinkram, from Richard Hillelson

OLLIE MARTIN, from Pat Harrington

OPIE HEIZER, beloved chocolate lab of Susanne Heizer, from Henley Gabeau

FLETCH, smart, handsome, loved Border Collie of Ginger Taylor, from Carole Adams

BRADIE, sweet girl, you were a good girl and your Mom & Dad adored you. The Magnos

MOSBY & PETUNIA, my precious dogs, from John Perlman

BOB McGUIRE, a friend to all and a loving companion to his family-we’ll miss you, from Pat Harrington

BOB McGUIRE, a loving companion who will be greatly missed, from Dave & Gail Brown

LADY, from Audrey Hutchison

MONA LISA, in loving memory of our Mona Lisa who you helped in 2014…..Bless you Mosby Foundation! From Sina Rogers

MAGGIE MAY, our beautiful, sweet lab/pit mix who suddenly passed away in November at age 8 from visceral hemangiosarcoma. We miss you terribly, from Carrie Dean

ERDA, a dear dog that was much loved by her parents, Wayne and Mark, from Traci Zimmerman

KILLIAN, beloved companion of Anita Clemmer, from Katherine Ambrose

LCB, dearly beloved cat of Jean Hoffman, from Jeanne Hoffman and Bobby Whitescarver

PAIGE, beloved Border Collie of Joe Shomo, from Jeanne Hoffman and Bobby Whitescarver

LADY, a very special and beloved Doberman of Roger & Carolyn Stribling, from Linda French

MAGGIE, beloved companion of Jeff Litten. We will never forget her special howls,Love, Bob,Christine, & Darlene

MOOSE BENGEN, in memory of MOOSE, please help someone in need. I wish I had more since I believe so much in what your foundation does. My heart is still broken and I miss my boy every day.

7-10-10 — 4-27-15 was way too young. From Donna Bengen & Moose

AMANDA ROSE, I miss you so much everyday, you’re always in my heart, Love, Jan Johnson

BELLE SCOTT, beloved companion of Emily & Dave Stott, from Pat Harrington

MAGGIE, from Mary Steele Ferguson

COOPIE ARMENTROUT, the sweetest girl who we will always miss and never forget, from Erin Armentrout

CHANCE, beloved pet of Patty Warren, from Kay Pfaltz

RILEY MARIE, my beloved fur baby, from Melody Pannell

VERGIL, beloved companion of Deborah Murray, from Brenda & Gary Murray

NIKKI, my sweet girl; I miss her the most this time of year, from Dianne & Ian Edwards

EVA McDONNELL, a wonderful, dear dog, who was loved dearly and will be missed deeply, from Traci Zimmerman

MOSBY ADAMS, a sweet innocent boy and all of the others, from Janet K. Schlosser

MOSBY, JEB, MAGGIE, HANK, SAMMY, & ALL THE OTHER RESCUED AND LOVED DOGS, of Carole & Johnny Adams, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

BAM BAM, CHARLOTTE, NICK & LUCY, from David & Debbie Hughes

SOPHIE, dear, sweet Sophie, the best dog a family could have! Love Bob & Christine

ROCKY, SHASTA, & LUCKY, from Merle Phillips

MICKEY, LAYA, BUDDY & RIKKI, from Spencer & Ann Taylor

MAX, my wonderful dog, from Allison Claudet

HAPPY DYER, beloved companion of Marcella Dyer, from Mollie McCurdy.

CODY, beloved dog of Rabiah Seminole, from Mollie McCurdy


BUCK, beloved dog of the Scott Landale family, from Ron Livingston, Jr.

BUCK LANDALE, deeply loved Yellow Lab of Scott, April, Tessa & Eliza, friend & mentor to Ted & Pukka Kerasote, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

BEAU, MAGGIE, PUP, & SHELBY, beloved dogs of Lonnie & Vicki Soles, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

MERLE, who with his forever friend Ted Kerasote gave us MERLE’S DOOR, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles


In Memory of People

JOELLEN EMSWILER, she was a great friend to so many people and pets she will be missed by all who knew her, from Kathryn Dobyns & Hunter

TOMMY EAVERS, from Malinda KayeEavers

MARTIN L. PALMER, JR., from Bev Grimes

TRACEY ROGERS BOWEN, from Judy & Bobby Rogers

RAYMOND A. GRANDSTAFF, WW11 VET, from Heather Harris

DAVE & COLLEEN SURRATT, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

GINDA COLLEEN, beloved daughter, from Lonnie & Vicki Soles

In Honor of Dogs


NIKKI, our beloved dog, from Jane Cangalosi

OTTER, TERRY, & Janet’s Yellow lab, from Scott Klager

LULU, from Pamela Gwathney

WONDER, beloved kitty of Barbara & Jim Bradley

JOSIE ANDERSON, from Mary George

PAIGE & GRACIE GEORGE, from Mary George

SAWYER, my Cocker Spaniel, from Brenda Wilkinson

In Honor of People

TODD & KELLY DEAN for all the compassionate & loving work they do, from Gail & Dave Brown

CINDY ROBERTS & LAURIE DOWNING, from Dean & Allison Humbert

GOD BLESS YOU ALL, from Marilyn Ross

WISHING ALL OF YOU a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Thank you for all you do, from Vicki Walter

THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, for all you do! From Michael Reday

GINNY WARD, from your staff at Daikin Applied….Merry Christmas!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! To ALL OF OUR CLIENTS at Middle River Veterinary Hospital, Verona, VA. We are truly appreciative of each one of you as you share our philosophy of care and compassion for all pets.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for all of our canine friends. From Kathryn A. Dobyns, DVM and staff

KENT & VICKI SCARRATT, from Robert Scarratt

GINGER TAYLOR, from Margaret Brandel

CAMERON & BETSY ELLIS, from Elizabeth Ellis

BILL & SUSIE GILBER, from Lynne & Dan Gilbert