Memorials Winter 2015

In Memory of Pets

MOSBY and all the gentle souls who have left us too soon, from Karen van ES

MOSBY, I’m sure he’s looking down and wagging his tail knowing what a difference his life made in saving others! From Michael Reday

MOSBY, always and forever in our hearts, from Carole & Johnny Adams

MOSBY and ALL of Johnny & Carole Adams so loved dogs who have passed since

Mosby, from Lon & Vicki Soles

YELLER ROEDER, from Sheila & Ray Roeder

BRETTA, a gift from God, from Hazel & Bruno Giraldi

TIFFANY, from anonymous

TO ALL MY BELOVED DOGS that I have had all my life. I miss them all, love Alice Mae Johnson

SISSY, from Jennifer Sampson

JOEY MUIR, from Judianne Rinker

CHELSIE, MOKIE, & LOUIE, from Malinda Eavers

TOBY, MAGNUM, MYSTIC, & GRIZZLY, from Evelyn & Tony Elliott

AMANDA ROSE, miss you so much….not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Love, Jan

SUNNY (SUNSHINE), beloved kitten of Susan

Muir, from Judianne Rinker

HALLEY, RUBY, JAKE, & DUKE, from Jennifer Lee

ROSCOE SIGUR, from Robin Clement

CODY& PAX, from Judy & John Turner

IZZY, from anonymous

BART & C.C., from Wayne Mohler

BILLY, an old and impaired tiny white terrier mix that was a rescue and I helped foster. He was unadoptable and died peacefully in loving foster care., from Sue Pfaltz

RUDY, from Sheila Lerner

JEZIBELLE EISEN, a wonderful, brave dog who will be missed by all who knew and loved her, from Dr. Gouri Krishna and the staff at Silver Spring Animal Hospital, Silver Spring, MD

DEVON, SOPHIE, MATTIE – Great Bostons! from Nancy Ginaven

My dogs PETUNIA & MOSBY, from John Perlman

MANDY, OLIVER & ELVIS, from Carol Uffelman

SOPHIE ROSE ELVIN, from Barbara Elvin

LADY, our “Grand dog”, from Joan & Jack Ward

OPIE, from Fay Tyler

POPPY, sweet, beautiful, special girl who blessed all with her happy gentle ways. She will be missed by so many who knew her, from Carole Adams

ROSCOE PISELLI, You came to us as a confused, senior foster dog and we were lucky to share our home with you for just over a year. Your love of food and ability to steal it never ceased to amaze us! You followed Mommy around no matter where she went, played like you were still a puppy, and were so grateful for your soft bed. We will miss you, but know you are at rest and hanging out with all the past Piselli dogs! From Melisa and Tony Piselli

PEPPER AND ANGELO, from Danise Elias

ANNA & TOMBO, from Susan & Ray Clark

TESS & PILOT, from Claude & Michele Vincelette

APRIL DYER, from Mollie McCurdy

MICKEY, LAYA, BUDDY, & RIKKI, from Spencer & Ann Taylor

ROCKY & SHASTA, from Merle Phillips

SALLY McDONOUGH, a sweet & wonderful companion, from Pat Harrington

ALL OUR PETS, from Barbara & Tom Amatucci

BEAU, MAGGIE, PUP & SHELBY, our beloved dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge since our involvement with The Mosby Foundation, from Lon & Vicki Soles, & canine children Grace, Spencer, Chance, Charley Bob, Little Pup, & Saralee

MERELE KERASOTE, from Lon & Vicki Soles

NAGO, beloved dog of the Rizzi family, from Patty Whitmer

ELLIE MAY, beloved dog of Marcella Dyer, from Mollie McCurdy

CHAUNCEY, BOSCO, PENNY & JILL, ourwonderful dogs at the Rainbow Bridge, from Diana & Ken Clayton

In Memory of People

DOUG MORRIS, an active member of the Deerfield Volunteer Fire Department and much loved community member, from Debbie Campbell

RICK SHORES, in loving memory of Kay Shores husband Rick, from Judy Young

STAN MATLOW, in loving memory of Garry Matlow’s brother, Stan, from Judy Young

RALPH DEY, from Peter Dey

COLLEEN LARSON & JUNE MATTHEWS, from Bonnie Larson-Brogdon

LILLIAN CLANCY, from Mollie McCurdy

MR. & MRS. RAYMOND DeFORGE, from Ronald Yucas & John DeForge

JESSEE L. ROBINSON, from Sharon Whisten

My Dad, JAMES F. JACKSON, from Melisa & Robert Byrd

TRACEY ROGERS BOWEN, from Robert & Judy Rogers

DAVID & COLLEEN SURRATT, amazing parents of Vicki Soles, from Lon & Vicki Soles

GINDA COLLEEN, our beautiful, sparkling, funny, incredible daughter, from Lon & Vicki Soles

CAROL KILLIAN & ROBERT KILLIAN, my sister and my nephew, from Ann Zimmer

In Honor of Pets

MOSBY, may your love and sacrifice fill the world with care and kindness, from Ray & Sheila Roeder

DEMI BALDWIN, my “Grand-Dog”. Thanks so much for helping Demi get her ACL surgeries, from Charlotte Billue

DONALD & DAISY BROWN, from Jenna Frank

TOBY, MAGNUM, MYSTIC & GRIZZLY, from Evelyn & Tony Elliott

ALL BLACK GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS, from Erica & Coffee Stoecker

SOPHIE, ATTICUS & SCOUT, from Carol Uffelman

HERSHEY, beloved kitty, from Jim & Barbara Bradley

SOPHIE ZIMMERMAN, from Traci & James Zimmerman

SAWYER, my Cocker Spaniel, from Brenda Wilkinson

ALL BELOVED PETS, from Jane Cangaloso

In Honor of People

CAROLE & JOHN ADAMS, may the love and sacrifice of both fill the world with care and kindness, from Sheila & Ray Roeder

CAROLE & JOHN ADAMS, for founding The Mosby Foundation, from Lon & Vicki Soles



CINDY ROBERTS & LAURIE DOWNING, from Dean & Allison Humbert

LINNEA THURESSON, from Paul Winchell

HENLEY GABEAU, from Betty Taylor & George Pryde

CAROL JACKSON, KARIN MAGNO, & THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, you guys are God’s Angels. Merry Christmas to you all. I will love you guys forever, Sheila Huntley

ALL OF OUR CLIENTS AT MIDDLE RIVER VETERINARY HOSPITAL. We are truly appreciative of each one of them as they share our philosophy of care and compassion for all pets, from Kathryn A. Dobyns, DVM and staff

BILL & SUSIE GILBERT, from Dan & Lynne Gilbert

DEBORAH McNAUGHTON, from Henley Gabeau


DIXIE & ANDY HEYL, from Nancy Coates

CAROL “CJ” JACKSON, from Pat Grizzel


FAMILY & FRIENDS, Happy Holidays! From Buddy & Maureen Deaton


DAVID, DEBBIE, & BAM BAM HUGHES, from Sandy & Claude Dull

MOSBY DONORS who rallied behind our crippled rescued Chihuahua, Honey Bear, whose front ankles were broken and rear leg ligaments ruptured. Honey Bear now has some mobility and loves her independence. Thank you all! Kristine Williams

KATHY TWITTY, for all she does to rescue dogs, from Lon & Vicki Soles