Mosby’s Mail Fall 2015

Memorial – Frank Larson

Frank LarsonI have to share a story about the influence that dogs have on our lives. My dad was never a ‘dog person’. When my Mom pre-deceased him in 2003, she left behind a rescue Sheltie mix, ‘Sunny”, that turned into his lifeline while he moved on after 49 years of marriage. After Sunny died, he ended up getting sick and we moved him down to Leesburg, VA to an assisted living facility close to Deb and I. Well, you ask any of the folks who would volunteer and bring their dogs to visit the facility that my dad was always a dog lover and even more – he would get down on the ground (89 year old man) so he could visit properly and be on their level. The power of unconditional love is a special thing.

Thank you for The MOSBY Foundation – we will always be staunch supporters and thank you for being the kind of person who makes a difference on this planet.

We requested folks donate to The Mosby Foundation in lieu of flowers.

Most sincerely,
Chey, Deb and Bon    

Kura Joseph4, Fairburn, GAKura and I want to express our immense appreciation for your help in her getting the surgery she needs. Words cannot express how grateful I am for wonderful organizations such as yours that save lives! I want to assure that as soon as I become financially able, I will pay it forward and donate to your fund to help others. If there is anything I can do for you all, in terms of fundraising or volunteer work, please let me know, as I would love to help in any way. Again, my sincerest thanks. Thank you so much, bless you all!

Britton Joseph
Fairburn, GA

Sunny Christman3, Pen Argyl, PAI cannot thank you all enough for your support!  I also would like to thank Petco and Blue Buffalo for their generous donation.  Words cannot express my appreciation.  Sunny will be having the surgery on 9/23/2015 as I told you. Thank you again for everything!

Samantha & Sunny
Pen Argyl, PA

Anna Chamberlain, Dale City, VAHere are a couple pictures of Anna and a short video of her the week she rescued me. Thanks for your assistance and we look forward to a continuing relationship and when we get in a better situation we intend to donate back so another wonderful dog like Anna has a fighting chance on a great life.

Much love,
Bobby & Anna
Dale City, VA

Quincey Trussler2, Williams Bay, WIJust before I contacted your foundation we were told that Quincey had prostate cancer which is very rare for a dog his age (5yrs). We took him to the UW Veterinary teaching hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. Being a single mom with two school-age children I could not afford the cost of treatment which was over $5200.00. I had already spent $3000.00 on my own for the testing and vet costs up to that point and had no family to ask for help. My two choices were to either just let Quincey die or try to find help with foundations like yours. Quincey is like a child to me and with thanks to organizations like yours we are able to keep him with us for a little while longer yet and to spoil him in his remaining days.

Thank you so much for your help and for doing what you do.

Maggie, Bekah, Stephen and Quincey Trussler
Williams Bay, WI

Duke Runge2, Carmel, INThank you so much for your generous donation towards Duke’s treatments. Without your help, I wouldn’t have Duke by my side today. I also have an endless amount of gratitude for Dreama, who was the first person I spoke to about grants. She was immediately supportive & incredibly positive about our situation. I can honestly say that it was because of her that I had the courage to continue. So thank you Dreama for all that you do. I am so blessed to have received that first phone call from you.

With endless gratitude & slobbery kisses,
Hannah & Duke Runge
Carmel, IN

Rocky Headlee2, Canyon Country, CAThank you so much. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cant even say it enough how much it means for you and your organization to help me like this. May God Bless you and all of those of whom you work with and Blue Buffalo and Petco that have made this donation possible.

Robert Cunningham
Marietta, GA

Pookie Plecker, Staunton, VAThank you so very much for your care and concern for the loss of my dog Pookie. He was so very special to me and I will forever miss and love him! Thank you for your comforting words and for taking the time to help me through this! God Bless you and The Mosby Foundation!

Brenda Plecker
Staunton, VA

Marci Symes2, Durham, NCThank you so much for your generous donation to help us with our sweet dog Marci’s cancer treatment!

It really means the world to us. We just love her so much and want to do anything that will prolong her life and improve the quality of her life.  Thank you for helping us do that!

With gratitude,
Yuel, Jeff, Marci, Marshall, & Baby
Durham, NC

The Mosby Foundation,

We wanted to give you a HUGE thanks for the dog food & treats we purchased in Verona, VA. We run a pet food pantry in partnership with our local food (human) pantry. It’s being put to great use.  Thanks again!

Rockbridge Animal Alliance
Lexington, VA

Clancey Heller2, Omaha, NEBThank you for your help and the help of the Mosby Foundation. It means so much to us.  You have been so kind. And Clancy says a very big thank you and hug!

Dee Heller
Omaha, Nebraska

George Landes & family, Manfield, TXI just wanted to give you an update on George. He is feeling a lot better  after his surgery. He still is not back to normal but I think he will be  with in a few days. He actually ran outside today and didn’t fall over. We  are all so excited to have our George back.

Once again, thank you!
Debbie Landes
Mansfield, TX

Rex Cardoso, Lake Forest, CAI wanted to say thank you and to the Mosby Foundation for helping my family out. Rex is doing much better and recovering quickly. The best news is that his tumor was not cancerous!

Leticia Cardoso
Lake Forest, CA

Beau Pine, Eastpoint, FLI’m completely overwhelmed by your generosity and your concern for my dog Beau! The Mosby Foundation’s donation will be saving Beau’s life and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all of the work that you have done on behalf of Beau. I will keep you posted on Beau’s surgery and recovery.

Thank you with all my heart,
Gabrielle Pine
Eastpoint, FL

Ghostie Medina, Albuquerque, NMThank you for your generous donation for Ghostie’s Chemo treatments. Not only did it help financially, but it also gave us the gift of time. That’s the best gift ever!

Thank you SO much,
Erica Medina & Ghostie Poo
Albuquerque, NM

Dipsie Chaves2, Knoxville, TNHi dear Mosby Foundation friends,

I am glad to inform you that Dipsie have no cancer.  Still she need to be in observation in order to be prevent.
Thank you so much for your help.  I’ll always remember you.

Hugo E. Chaves
Knoxville, TN

Buddy Torres, Gretna, FLBuddy completed his Heartworm treatment successfully thanks to the contribution of The Mosby Foundation. We extend our heartfelt thank you to all in your organization that made this possible. He could had faced a life of misery and now he is ready for a second chance.

Our hope is that one day we will be able to reciprocate your kindness.

Norma Torres
Gretna, FL

Dudley Domienik001Dudley is on the road to recovery!!!  I am soooooo grateful!  This surgery would NOT have been possible without the Mosby Foundation!

Deepest Thanks,
Angie Domienik
Albuquerque, NM

Ellie Bone Meier2, Nullelly, TNI most definitely want to thank people for their donations, but would also like to drive home the point that even small donations, like $10, makes a difference. For us, I don’t know where the funds came from, but in today’s economy, I just have to assume that the grant we received from Mosby probably came from many sources, not just one. The thing is, when you have it, it doesn’t seem like much – when you don’t it is the extreme opposite. So with that, I was hoping to write something that may encourage people that can donate, even small amounts, to do so.

Many, many thanks,
Jeanne & Emma
Nunnelly, TN

Ducky How2, Ypsilanti, MIGood morning! I do apologize but it has been a rough go with Ducky and his surgery.  I still cannot thank you, and your organization enough for the help you have provided!

These were only taken a few weeks ago, and as you can see, his incision site has healed nicely, and while he still tries to out-do himself with playing with my niece and nephew, he does well overall.

Once again, thank you so, so much! For what you did for me, and for what the Mosby Foundation does for pet owners like myself.

Eve How & Ducky
Ypsilanti, MI

GiGi Huneycutt3, Garland, TXTo all the Mosby Angels….

A note to say Thank You again for giving my precious Great Dane, GiGi, her eye surgery this past April, and for the freedom from pain she enjoyed after her surgery.

It has taken me many days to be able to write to tell you of her journey to the Rainbow Bridge last month from a brain bleed or tumor. All was well when we went to bed the night before, but the next morning our world came crashing down.

She got up but couldn’t/wouldn’t move. She didn’t know me nor the other dogs, didn’t know where she was; completely unresponsive. My neighbor helped me get all her 161 lbs. of pure love into my car – a horrible, heartbreaking trip to our vet, knowing I wouldn’t be bringing her home with me. We all miss our sweet and gentle girl  terribly, but are thankful she didn’t suffer long.

The help and kindness of the Mosby Foundation Angels will never be forgotten. The words to fully express my appreciation don’t seem to exist, but wanted to thank all of you again as best I could.

Hearts & thoughts,
Doris Huneycutt
Garland, TX

Ella Stover2, Bethlehem,GAI wanted to let you know, I lost Ella to bloat last Monday. I have just not been able to write until now. I miss her so badly. She went every where with me.

It was 2 am and I got up and went into the restroom. Ella was very comfortable in her bed half asleep.

I had only been in there maybe a min and I heard this horrible throat noise. I came out and she was throwing up and acting like something I had never seen before. I got her in the car and on the way called the University Of Georgia ER and said  I am on my way. Surgery was performed, but her stomach had twisted and half of it was dead up to her esophagus. I did not want to let her go, but for her sake I had to.

Ella was a once in a lifetime dog. She was my soulmate. She watched over me and got me going  on days I did not want to go. My only regret is I did not have her longer.  She was so smart and beautiful. Human like. Never have I been with a dog like her.

I want to thank Mosby for helping me give her a new lease on life ,last year, which she enjoyed to the fullest.Bless all of you for what you do. Here is one of my last photos I took of her. Such a beautiful girl. Inside and out.

Wanda Stover,
Bethleham, Georgia

Cosmo Albino, Burlington, KYMy name’s Melissa Albino and last year your foundation gave us a grant to help my sweet Cosmo! He was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We had 9 great months together post-diagnosis!  But… I’m afraid I have some sad news.

On July 7th, Cosmo passed away. The cancer was causing him so much pain, he had stopped eating. I couldn’t put my boy through any more pain. He was put down at his local vet.

We’re all sad, but we’re also happy he’s no longer in pain. We also got an extra 9 months with him post diagnosis. It’s not the prognosis we would’ve liked, but we made so many great memories that I’ll keep dear to my heart forever.

Thank you so much for accepting our application and giving us financial assistance when we desperately needed it. Cosmo was and still is very important to me.

We set up a little memorial for him in our home, plus we have a little tree coming in the mail to add to it.

Thanks again, and keep doing what you’re doing. You rock!

 Take care
-Melissa Albino
Burlington, KY 

Coconut Shippe, St. Augustine, FLThank you for the generous donation, I can’t express how grateful we are. I will keep; you posted on Coconut’s progress, I am very optimistic and looking forward to a long happy life with my beautiful girls, Coconut and Breeze. Again, a very heartfelt thank you for all you have done for me and all that you do for all the loved animals in the world.

Stacy Shippe, Coconut and Breeze
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Belle Henderson, Bettendorf, IABelle is doing great!  Belle’s periodontal disease was so extensive that she needed many more teeth extracted than the 1-4 infected teeth they originally estimated.  Here are the number of extractions she had:  2 Incisors, 9 Premolars & 6 Molars.  She has only 4 teeth left.  The vet gave her an injection for pain control and sent home some pain medication.  She didn’t have any bad reactions to the procedure and she wanted to eat when she got home.  I  am moistening her kibble while I slowly transfer her to canned dog food.  She is much more awake, alert and barking more often.  She wants to guard the house when anyone walks on the sidewalk in front of our house.  She had not felt like doing much of anything before the procedure.  Now, she can give me kisses without her breath killing me.  I took pictures of the front of the veterinary office and the office manager, Sara, holding Belle when I arrived to bring Belle home.  Thanks so much, for the help of your wonderful organization.

Susan Henderson
Bettendorf, IA