Mosby’s Mail – Fall 2016


Thank you for your help so very very very very very very very VERYmuch. Today is my lucky day! I just called the dermatologist because I wanted to confirm Kona’s eye ulcer had healed enough for surgery. Thank you for your help so very very very very very very very much.

Deanna Devaney
Roslindale, MD


dante-reininger-gulf-breeze-flA million and one thanks! Dante & I would like to thank you once again. Your kindness meant the world to us. He is managing his chemotherapy very well & you have given us much hope.

Susan & Dante Reininger
Gulf Breeze, FL


Dear Friends,

We are in receipt of and are very grateful for your recent and very generous donation of $1,985 to our humane society’s flood relief and recovery efforts. With your support and the help from around the country, we were able to rescue more than 500 animals from peril. In addition to our rescue efforts on ground, we also provided these much-needed services to the hardest hit communities.

• Set up food and water stations to keep animals alive until we could rescue them

• Operated a pet food band to support families and their pets

• Established a Relief Center for Pets in Amite, a mere 45 minutes from the disaster zone

• Warehoused more than 80 pallets of donated food and delivered them to impacted shelters, rescue groups and individuals

Once more, thank you for contributing to these life-saving efforts and allowing us to help thousands of animals in need.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,
Jeff Dorson
Executive Director
Humane Society of Louisiana



I am so happy to see Sasha being full of life every day and how you helped my baby make it to be alive today. There has never been a day since that I don’t remember and thank God for all the help He sent me through Mosby.

We are doing well, I got a good job finally, so no more sleeping in motels, friends homes, and my car in order to save Sasha. This was a new journey experience for me and has changed my life.

I rented a house for my babies and I am happy when they are happy. I will make an appointment to recheck Sasha for an update on her progress. Sasha is so energetic, so funny and happy to be alive!!!!!

We send you our love!
Shae and Sasha
Seattle, WA


I am horribly remiss in the timeliness of this note. Thank you for the assistance your organization provided to Magnus for his eye surgery. All went well, and he is recovering nicely. I could never have had this surgery done without your generous gift.

June Easton
Eureka Springs, AR



To the Angels of the Mosby Foundation,

Thank you so much for helping us to fund some of Lola’s surgery for her broken jaw. She has a long recovery, but made it through surgery & is expected to make a full recovery. We cannot thank you enough for your quick response to our cries for help. We thank you all so kindly for all that you did to help us, as well as others in our situation.

With our love & God’s blessings,
Sasha, Alrie, Landrie, Lola Doodle, & our entire fur baby family
Mesquite, TX



Madge joined the Heavenly Posse in the sky this afternoon. She can now run, play and wiggle that little tail into infinity. (Her cancer returned rapidly and in 6 days went to the brain..she was never in physical pain).

Special thanks to the Mosby Foundation for making these last 6 months full of joy and fun for Madge and all who love her… May we continue to carry on her sweet legacy of joy/love.

Marie Faulkner
New York, NY



I wanted to share an update. Zeke

is now 7 years old. When he was 1 The Mosby Foundation along with their amazing donors allowed us to give Zeke the gift of surgery to relieve his pain caused by hip dysplasia. The left ball joint was removed. Zeke did great for many years and then this year needed this same surgery done on his left hip. I am so happy to say once again he is back to his playful self.

Christy Mascarenas
Greeley, Co



I finally can sit down and give you an update on Lizzie. She’s doing very well.

She’s making progress every day. The first few days she was still groggy from the anesthesia and pain medications. She’s slow and steady to go outside. Her appetite is great. She is alert and is very aware of her body. She manages to get up and down. I had a few days off after the surgery day so I felt very good to be with her all day and observe and just be with her. While I am at work, my Dad is here and they are such great buddies, he gets her outside to do her business with no problems. She tells us how far she can go.

Yesterday was glorious and she picked a spot on the porch to rest where the sun was beaming down. I took a seat and joined her, and to just be able to sit there with her was magical. We wouldn’t been able to do this without The Mosby Foundation’s support. I am so forever grateful.

With all our love and gratitude,
Lizzie and Kate
Compton, RI


On behalf of the staff and students of House of Hope, we thank you for your donation for the surgical costs for Titus. His operation was a success and he will be coming home soon to stay with foster parents while he recovers.

While our focus and mission is to help our students break the chains of addiction, Titus is also a part of our “family” and your donation helped to ensure that he received the medical care that he desperately needed.

Thank you again for your support and may God bless you as you continue to help others.

Malcolm Mosley
City of Hope International
dba House of Hope of Florida
Wildwood, FL


Carl is doing well. Not a fan too much of the extreme heat, so he’s been lounging a lot lately. But who isn’t?! I hate the heat, too, so he must take after me. He is not loving the adjustment to normal management food after his surgery, so I am still trying to find the right food that suits his physiology and also is one he likes.

Overall, he seems to be quite happy, healthy and playful! He’s been taking a liking to all the new dogs he’s met at the new park.

I just bought my first ever hat (city spirit!) and since I’ve never had one, he keeps looking up at it as if it is some monstrous appendage atop me that doesn’t belong. He tries to often knock it off my head. The other day, I put it on him. He seemed to like it 🙂

Hope you are well!
Bill Fishback,
Kirksville, MO


This is a precious dog that we helped to battle cancer. Rest In Peace Sweet Max.

It breaks my heart to inform you that today July 14, 2016 another wonderful dog lost his fight with cancer. His name Max Veras. The best dog, companion and friend. He died surrounded by his mommy, his step-daddy, his 3 sisters but most of all surrounded with love and the warmest feeling a living being can have that he left this earth in peace.

Max was everything a pet parent could ask and have. But cancer took away everything I wished for him. Thanks for giving me the best 10 months ever. Your donations, help, hopes and best wish did that. Now Max left a legacy of unconditional love and his foot prints will be marked in our hearts for the rest of our lives. This is not a good bye, but I will see you soon and I know you and all my other pets will be by my side when my time comes to cross over and we will be whole again. Rest in Peace my beloved Max.

Kenia Veras Gonzalez
Bronx, NY