Mosby’s Mail – Fall 2017

 I wanted to thank you for giving me another 2 + years with Coco.  With help from the wonderful Mosby Foundation and her surgeon’s skill she did so well until she succumbed to bloat. She was my therapeutic emotional support dog as I am a Disabled American Veteran suffering from PTSD, severe depression, and suicidal thoughts. I attached her wonderful photo as she was “my heart” and I will cherish what The Mosby Foundation did for our lives.

Again Many Blessings and Thank You,  
Aaron Terry and posthumously Coco
Silver Springs, M    (photo of Coco)


I would like to take the time to say thank you to the Mosby Foundation!!!!!!

I’m  writing to let you know that the Chemo treatment will start on Monday July 10,2017.  My sister and I are planning on helping by giving a donation when Snickers is finished with his chemo……  

Thank you from the bottom  of my heart and Snickers heart….. We love what you are able to do…..Again Thanks.

Lacrisha Hulin
Ft. Worth, TX


I cannot thank The Mosby Foundation enough for their extreme generosity regarding Hope’s circumstances. It has been such a heartwarming and rewarding experience to work so diligently at getting this lovable girl back to being a healthy, happy puppy. The Mosby Foundation’s gift has given her the second chance she so desperately needed to find peace, love, and a forever home. As she begins her journey on the road to recovery, there is nowhere else I’d rather be than walking beside her. Please accept my deepest gratitude for loving animals as much as I do and for helping us to reach our goal.

Jillian and Hope
Midland, TX 



Last October I e-mailed you that Fiasco’s cancer had returned and I had decided not to put him through another surgery and chemo treatment. Fiasco was not expected to make it the new year.
Well!!! Here it is the 2nd week in July 2017 and Fiasco is still with me. His quality of life has not diminished. He is happy and healthy and continues to baffle his veterinarian.
His last check up was the 5th of July and his cancer has not progressed since it was diagnosed. 
Please continue to keep Fiasco in your prayers. That is the only thing that is keeping him with me!

Have a Blessed Day!
Georgetown, TX


I’m so grateful to everyone that has helped me! Such an incredible blessing from the Lord to have so many beautiful people come into my life to help my sweet baby boy!!❤️

Garland, TX




Oh thank you so very very much!!!!!! I cannot begin to express how much this means to me and my girl… This honestly brought tears to my eyes because this has been such a fight trying to get her help.. and while I work through my own issues and guilt for even having financial issues preventing me from being the best dog mom I  could be, this couldn’t have come at a better time.. Bless you and your organization. Thank you from my heart. thank you.

 Kristin & Jackie
Everett, WA



This is our Precious. She is the sweetest, most loving dog (she thinks she is human.)

Precious’s jugular was severed and she lost a lot of blood because of a dog attack. My daughter and I moved quickly to apply pressure that ultimately saved Precious’s life.  The vet didn’t have much hope for her,  but we didn’t give up.  She is going to make a FULL recovery.  Thanks to The Mosby Foundation for helping us fund her lifesaving surgery to have her jugular repaired. We don’t know how we could go home without her big loving eyes and wagging tail.

I can’t express the gratitude I have for all the help you all gave us. 

Thank you just doesn’t cover it!
Amanda, Jason, Alycia-Lily, and Jaxyn



 I just wanted to give you an update on my Golden Retriever Kloie.  With your financial assistance, I was able to have the ACL surgery. The surgery was a huge success. It has been a long road to recovery, but with the numerous exercises & the follow-up appointments, she has done remarkably well for her age.  Thank you so much for your support & assistance!

Yvonne Coffey
Staunton, VA



It’s been a while since I updated you on my sweet Demi, who has been helped
so much by you. She’s now 12 1/2 (we think) and still battles Cushing’s but
continues to do fairly well with her daily meds. Her vet is aware of the
high cost of treating Cushing’s and alternates electrolyte tests between
ACTH testing, which saves me money. He’s been so wonderful for the past 5
When she was diagnosed with Cushing’s, I was told the average time most dogs
live past diagnosis is 3-4 years. It’s now been FIVE years and she’s still  with me, my sweet trusting companion and the calming presence on my bed  every night. I know she never wouldn’t have made it this far without your  support. Every day with her is a precious gift and I will never miss an opportunity
to kiss her goodnight.

Blessings and gratitude for all you do to in memory of Mosby!
Vicki & Demi
Murfreesboro, TN




I just can’t say thank you enough!

Thank you so much for your kindness, your support and generosity.  It was  truly a blessing.  My heart is filled with so much gratitude for the gift you have given to us both. Because of your donation Jimmy can still walk on all 4 legs and is able to spend another day sharing his love to so many.  A million thanks.


Anthea & Jimmy Dean
Irvine, CA 



Update on Laila’s surgery. The Mast Cell Tumor was successfully removed  on 7/18/17 and sent off for testing. We are anxiously awaiting the results as our little girl heals at home. Thank you for your generous pledge toward her surgery. I would have liked to meet Mosby. He sounds like a very special companion! On behalf of all the others you continue to help thank you for your generosity and humanitarian deeds.


God Bless,
Ramona, Mike & Laila Bradshaw
Tazewell, VA




I want to thank you SO much for the generosity. Because of your organization, Scout was able to get the surgery he needed to CURE his cancer!!

Scout & MK Shanahan
Burlington, VT 




To all friends at The Mosby Foundation,

The vet said everything looked good with Barney’s drain and to come back in 3-5 days. I called today for the results of the CORD. B’s tumor is a malignant adenocarcinoma. They got clean margins but not as big as they would have liked. Typical expectancy is about a year. I turned down radiation and chemo for palliative care. He and I wouldn’t be happy with extended vet stays in kennels. He’s never been anywhere longer than he was for the surgery. I’ve always had friends and family pet sit so a kennel environment would be hard on him. We plan on making him a bucket list and living life until he’s hurting. Blood work needs to be done every 1-2 months. Chest X-ray in 6 months. Not the best news but not horrible. We are both stubborn and strong willed so we will just fight on.

Mary McCarthy
Antioch, TN



I am absolutely floored by the Mosby Foundation and Petco’s generosity! I have goosebumps and am next to tears. This little dog is my whole world and you are helping so much to help get her feeling like the wild redhead she is. Please let the board and everyone else involved know how thankful I am!

 Thank you again so very much. I still can’t get over the generosity!

Nadia Westra & Piper!
Wheat Ridge, CO



Thank you so much for helping our Bella get the surgery she needed to remove the large cyst on her back. She has recovered well and feeling like her old self again!!

Thank you and God bless all of you.
Stephanie Frasier
Fort Pierce, FL




Penny is home!  Penny greeted us like nothing had happened! They said she woke up from anesthesia happy! Makes us wonder just how much pain she’s been masking ?  Her biggest complaint is the mandatory 2-week collar! It’s beyond obtrusive in our cozy house, but she’s managing.

 Thank you for your prayers and support! They have been a great encouragement ❤️

 I’m so grateful for the skilled vets who navigated her early care with expertise and compassion.

Huge thanks to Nancy Bocskor for her tireless researching and networking on Penny’s behalf, and to Nancy’s furbaby-loving friends who pointed us to additional funding sources (below), without whom Penny would have been rehomed or euthanized. 

The Petco Foundation ( )

Thanks for everything!
Janey Goude
Lexington, SC



Duke is doing very well after the removal of the tumor in his jaw area! He is now 4 days post-op and hates the the cone he has to wear.  He is such an important member of our little family. That you so much for the grant and support!

Jacy, Duke, Zach and Dom Hoover
Eugene, OR