Mosby’s Mail Spring 2015

To all at Mosby,

What a great, caring job you do! So many families and their  best friends’ lives made easier, and in many cases saved by what you do. I am proud to donate to your organization. Mosby must be so proud also!

Mike Reday
Mt. Crawford, VA

I pawned my wedding ring to get the rest of the money for the surgery and was just looking online to try to figure out ways to raise more money.

I can’t explain how much this means to me.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to promote your foundation!  It is so heartwarming to know there are people out there like you (and my husband/I) who love their pets enough to make sacrifices.

Thank you so much, again.
-Marissa & Rosie Davidson
Cooperstown, NY

Tori Joon Cluff, Norfolk, VAI want to tell you that Tori is doing well. She had to have several teeth extracted so her mouth is tender. She is enjoying soft food for the 1st time in her life. She’s adorable in her plastic cone which is awkward but necessary for 14 days.

I cannot thank you and The Mosby Foundation enough for your goodness and wonderful service in making it possible for people like me to get financial assistance to save our sweet furbabies. You were so very kind and I felt you really cared about doing your best to help, what a relief! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Vanessa and Vicki Cluff
Norfolk, VA

Dakota Bode, Manhattan, KSI wanted to say thank you again for helping me pay for Dakota’s surgery! She is doing pretty good since I picked her up.

Thank you again!
Manhattan, KS

We would like to THANK YOU for helping with Molly and the others. The help you provide truly changes the lives for the pet as well as the owners. Your foundation is a BLESSING !!!

We met Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Jessie 3 years ago. All they are going through adds a larger personal impact to them and our staff as well. They are a very caring and deserving family. Watching how devoted “Molly” is to Jessie and Mr. Smith makes your heart melt. She is a sweet heart !!!

THANK YOU again for everything,
Trisha Jeffries
Natural Bridge Hospital for Animals
Natural Bridge Station , VA

JoJo Brzytwa, Lakewood, OHThank you SO MUCH! This is such an incredible gift and we are beyond grateful! This is such an incredible miracle at a time when we really needed one. You have our deepest gratitude. Please advise on how to proceed and THANK YOU from the bottom of our furry hearts! We cannot thank you enough!

Kaki and JoJo
Lakewood, OH

Joy Nelson, Decatur, GAHow great and wonderful is humankind. I have a renewed hope that people care about others and are interested in helping me but most importantly Joy! She really deserves it but what pet doesn’t when their only desire is to love and please their owner. Seems like an unfair exchange, but they think we give them more with just our attention. It always been my desire to help others in need and now I am the recipient. I am eternally grateful and thankful.

Never assume your work is in vain or unappreciated.
Abigail Nelson
Decatur, GA

I wanted to let you know that Coco’s surgery went well and she is recovering at home. She had a rather large stone in her bladder and they had to extract 4 teeth. As you know she is a rescue pet and also my therapeutic support dog for my PTSD. I had no idea that her health was not the best. But I love her even more.

Thanks again for your support Mosby Foundation.
Aaron & Coco
Silver Springs, MD

Zoey Sutton4, Romona, CAZoey is feeling so much better after her dental surgery. We appreciate the generous pledge from The Mosby Foundation more than you know. We hope we will be back on our feet soon and we can make a donation back to your foundation so you can help another family going through a difficult time. Please accept my apologies for the delay in thanking you. It’s been a little crazy and I’ve been looking for work.

Thanks again!
Kim & James

London Richardson2, McKinney, TD+XI want to thank all the fine people at The Mosby Foundation and their wonderful sponsors and contributors for helping my dog London. She is a 10-year-old rescued Golden Retriever my husband and I adopted from Dallas-Fort Worth Golden Retriever Rescue two years ago.

London is the sweetest loving girl anyone could have as a companion. She loves kids and all animals especially the small ones.

London is not my pet rather we are her humans and proud of it. She had a mass in the front of her mouth and had six infected teeth that needed to be removed. London was having a difficult time eating and was in pain.

Had it not been for the generosity of the The Mosby Foundation we would not have been able to afford to have the mass and teeth removed. Now she is doing great and can eat without any problems and acts like a puppy.

We can tell she feels much better and enjoys playing with her sisters: Mija, a Chihuahua, and Misty, a Pekingese, who are also rescued dogs.

Once again thank you from our heart and soul!
Mark & Laura Richardson
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Billy post surgery 021015First let me thank you again for The Mosby Foundation’s generous grant to help with Billy’s surgery. Surgery took an hour longer than they had anticipated, but went very well. Billy came home last night and even though on medications was whining a lot during the night. (We have him in a kennel in the bedroom with us to keep an eye and ear on him.)

He drank and ate last night and again this morning. I was able to give him pills (antibiotics and pain meds) in a few pieces of cheese…so that was taken care of without stressing him. I sit and talk and sing a silly “Billy Billy” song to him. He tries to wag his tail but the discomfort stops him after a moment.Breaks my heart.

Before we went to the hospital yesterday, Billy knew something was up and was very nervous the whole way there as if he could tell something different was up. After the surgery, which I am glad is over, I am expecting pathology results within 5-7 days from the University of AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. Hold a good thought for this poor baby.


Moxie McBride5, Birdsboro,We rescued Moxie about 5 years ago. We had recently put down our 14 year old husky and it had come time to say goodbye to our 35 year old pony. Two devastating losses in such a short time. I always had large dogs, but this time I was looking for one my young daughter could cuddle and find comfort in. I combed thru Petfinders and saw Moxie’s face and knew immediately that she was the one. We drove 3 hours to the shelter to meet her. And I was right, she has been exactly what I was looking for. Moxie has an infectious personality and you can’t help but be happy in her presence. Everyone she meets falls in love with her. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my Chemo treatment our Rottweiler was diagnosed with bone cancer. Moxie knew exactly what she needed to do to get us thru this difficult time! I was heart broken to find out that Moxie is the one who now needed our help. She was in heart failure and needed a very expensive surgery to fix her PDA or she would die. After all Moxie has given to my family, I couldn’t let that happen. Thank you to The Mosby Foundation. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I honestly can’t say what would have happened if not for your help. Thank you for doing what you do! I am happy to tell you that Moxie had her surgery and is doing very well. She is once again the happy little dog I have known for so long. We are looking forward to many happy years to come.

Kathy, Laurel, Moxie

ChaCha Garcia6, Torrance, CAI thank THE MOSBY FOUNDATION, I am so grateful for the help that I received for ChaCha. Thank you for working with me through the process. Without your financial assistance I would have not been able to afford her surgery. She looks beautiful without the tumor in her mouth. I know once the pain goes down and she starts feeling well Chacha is going to be so happy.

Thank you, thank you,
Carla & Chacha Garcia
Torrence, CA

Cooper Johnson, Richfield, MNThis note is Thanking You for the donation you sent to help pay for Cooper’s surgery. He is 8 days post-op now and is doing pretty well. Of course still having pain but he is doing very well considering.

Our entire family sends our thanks in this very trying time, he is after all part of our family and not just an animal. Your help was greatly appreciated and we wanted to let you know how he is doing. Again, Thank You.

Kim, Kurt, Brianna and Brittani Johnson also Cooper James, Lola Grace, Bubbles, Oliver and Mr. Boo.
Richfield, MN

Captain Beckley4, San Diego, CAI just am overwhelmed by the support you are providing!!

I am a perfect stranger to you and yet you all at The Mosby Foundation have decided to help me. To say Thank You hardly seems like enough, but I don’t know how else to express to you how very meaningful this is to me.

Please know that my darling little Captain will benefit so greatly from this much needed Rehab and will go on to live the best life ever!! He means the world to me as I am disabled and home alone most of the time. He is my constant companion and my biggest supporter. Providing me so much love, fun & humor.

I promise to give him a great life and make this rehab and surgery count!! Thank you again.

With Most Sincere Gratitude,
Julia Beckley & Captain
San Diego, CA

Boston Trask Mitchell, Santa Cruz, CAI want to sincerely thank you The Mosby Foundation for support to us in our darkest hour. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness. We heard from the head surgeon that he’d like to delay Boston’s amputation to see if there might be very slow healing happening. There is still a chance for amputation in the future but, since it doesn’t need to happen now and the surgeon agreed to only charge for materials, we will not be needing your donation. We would like to release/return the gift so that it can be used for another needy fur-baby.

I have taken your generosity and support to heart and plan to add you to my annual list of charities that I support. This year will be difficult for me because of the financial hardship of funding the first three surgeries but, when I am more fiscally stable, I hope to donate and help you in helping other families like ours.

Best regards,
Liz Mitchell
Santa Cruz, CA

Aspen Rodriguez6, Maumelle, ARWe are so thankful and overwhelmed by The Mosby Foundation. The gift of life from total strangers is just breathtaking and restores one’s faith in humanity as a whole. He isn’t just a dog, and you believe in him, and us. We are clearly on the right track. I said it before, THANK YOU ISN’T ENOUGH!!

Kristy Rodriguez
Maumelle, AR

Maggie Burson, Atlanta, GAI cannot thank you enough for processing my request so quickly. Tomorrow she has her surgery, positive thoughts, I know all will go well. Once again your foundation is my angel.

Take care, fondly,
Joanne & Maggie Buron
Atlanta, GA

Cali Wagner, Staunton, VACali is doing good. 🙂 She is still in some pain, but I have noticed her using her leg a little more than she has in the past 6 months. I am sure once we go for her follow up to get the sutures out and get exercises she will be back to normal in no time.

Thanks so much for helping us!!!! We could not have done it without the Mosby foundation.

Ashleigh & Cali Wagner
Staunton, VA

Aletris Laplante3, Gerlach, NVOh, what a relief. I just took such a deep breathe. And cried. My heart is endeared. Thank you all at Mosby so very much.

Much much gratitude and love,
Michelle Laplante and Aletris
Gerlach, NV

Mandi DeMichele2, Cambridge Springs, PAI wanted to give you an update on Mandi. The surgery went well, and she is recovering nicely. The incision is large, the tumor weighed 3 pounds. They also took out a very small one just starting. After a rough first night, she has improved a great deal each day, and has been wagging her tail, and looking longingly at the bed, normally her favorite place to chill out. It is blocked off as is all the furniture until she gets the ok to jump again. I was home with her the first 5 days, and was very worried how she would do while I was at work, but she did just fine, no problems. In fact, she has gotten so rambunctious when I get home I have to make her calm down.

Again, I am so very thankful to you and your foundation for making this happen for us. I realized when she was in surgery, just how much I came to think it would not happen, and I’d have to let her go. Between time spent looking for help, and the tumor growing by the day, I expected that they wouldn’t be able to do the surgery. But it all went well, you saved the day, her life, and I cannot thank you enough!

I will be in touch soon, Thank You!!!
Karin & Mandi DeMichele
Cambridge Springs, PA

NalaNala’s surgery went very well. No complications. We did find out her other leg will need surgery eventually, but we have some time to save up for that since it’s barely stage 1 and won’t need an operation until late stage 2 or stage 3.

She was in a considerable amount of pain, as was expected, for the first 24hrs, but is doing much better. We have her on some medication and she is getting daily laser therapy sessions to help with the pain and swelling. We have a really good rehabilitation plan starting shortly.

We just got a dog rehabilitation/lift assistance harness to help her make the transition to using that leg again and help her move around until she can.

I will be sure to update you on the rehab and when she is walking again.

Thank you so much!
Jenna & Nala
San Antonio, TX

Blitz is doing amazing and healing quickly after his surgery for pulmonary ring anomaly. He’s still eating milkshakes for his food until we make his food soft, not liquid, so we are excited about that. There is a good chance he will be able to eat normal again! Thank you again for everything! !!!

Amy Crews & Blitz
Bridgewater, VA