Mosby’s Mail Spring 2016

Meesha Castle2, Toledo, OH

There are just not enough words of thanks that I could speak for your generosity in helping with the surgery for Meesha.

I was devastated when her injury occurred because she was protecting the family.  Post Surgery update is she has mobility in her leg again and is starting to put some weight on it for short periods of time, But boy does she miss her daily walks….  As the surgery is extremely expensive I would have done everything possible to get her what she needed.

Your donation took a part of the worry away, and Dr. Molly Bopp of Highpoint Veterinary Hospital took the stress and worry away by doing the surgery.  My baby is recovering daily and will soon be back to almost full pre- injury status.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart…
Tracie Castle
Toledo, OH

Sasha Morgan, Seattle, WA

I am forever grateful for all you kind words, your calls, your immediate attention and your ‘Yes’ for my Sasha! I have written a thank you for you and your foundation on Sasha’s Gofundme account.

I have  let Cooper’s Legacy know of your donation as well. They also helped today so that was great to have both of your great foundations in memory of Mosby and Cooper. God rest their beautiful hearts and give them lots of playtime over the rainbow!

Today was good. Sasha went in for CT scan and we follow treatment all week for 18 treatments.

I will keep you all posted during her treatments and how she is doing. I pray my baby girl does fantastic and she gets healed and well. I can’t wait to take her swimming again!

All my love always!
Shae and Sasha
Seattle, WA

GRACIE Mae McKey, San Bernardino, CA

I cannot express my gratitude enough for your foundation’s help in this very difficult time in my family’s life. I am beyond grateful. Thank you very much. I will be scheduling her surgery very soon. Again I cannot thank you wonderful people enough. I hope to repay this kindness and donate when I have available funds to do so.

Thank you very much!
The McKey family
San Bernadino, CA

Shadow Foster3, Klamath Falls, OR

Thank you guys so much for the support you gave to Shadow. The surgery was difficult due to the excessive amount of scar tissue but Shadow was strong and handled the procedure very well. Instead of a long road of empty hopes and prayers, Shadow is now on the road to recovery.  Your organization is so kind and being able to help such a sweet dog fills the heart with joy.

Thank you so much!
Sonia & Shadow
Klamath Falls, OR

Bonnie Roth, Corona, CA

Thank you so much for your generous grant. This will go a long way in helping us extend Bonnie’s time with us, and every added day with her will be a gift from you and your organization. Frankly, we were fearing a sadder outcome, making the good news all that much more joyful to receive. Thank you again, so very much.

Russell, Valerie, Bonnie and Bixby Roth
Corona, CA

Tuk Martin6, Vero Beach, FL

Hi!! Tuki had his eye surgery this morning and did awesome!!! He woke up from surgery just as spunky as he was when he went in ! I really want to say a huge thank you for your kindness. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. Tuki says “I may have less parts, but my momma loves me even more!” Thanx again!!

Love, Jenypher ~n~Tuk Martin 🙂

Vero Beach, FL


Tucker Abilucea2, Katy, TX

I’ve got some bad news but also some good news. Tucker has had a small setback due to an infection in his leg but we are back on the road to recovery and his prognosis looks very good! In January we noticed he was licking his right leg where he had surgery, and our vet told us he had an infection, possibly due to his body rejecting the plate and screws in his leg. So over the next few weeks we tried two different types of antibiotics, which helped for a little while, but he continued trying to licking it afterwards. Unfortunately, he had to have another surgery to remove the plate and screws, surgery took place on February 18th and he’s now back home on cage rest. He’s got five small holes in his right front leg so we’re taking things very slow for a little while. I want to thank ya’ll again for helping my little guy and I in our time of need! We were very blessed to have so many kind people contribute to our fund and making the orthopedic surgery possible for him.

God Bless you all,
Katy, TX

Bear Jaffee, Lynchburg, VA

Bear’s surgery went very well. His second leg was a little worse than his first, but the doctor was able to repair all of the damage. He has quite an extensive rehab program, but I believe that the worst is behind us and it is all uphill from here. He is still in the hospital, but I am hoping that he will be able to come home today. Words cannot express how thankful I am for The Mosby Foundation. The generosity and kindness your supporters have given to Bear have meant the world to me.I really want everyone to know that there was a point when I had lost all hope that Bear would have any kind of recovery, but soon he will have full function in both legs and be able to play with his friends. It’s been such an incredible blessing! All of the tears and worries are gone now and I am filled with nothing but joy and gratitude. THANK YOU with my whole heart!

Forever grateful,
Lynchburg, VA

Luke Chitwood, Rocky Mt., VA

This is Luke and Gracie, our Heelers. We love these two. Gracie misses her brother very much. I’m so thankful we are able to get him fixed and home. Thank you so much. They are my babies. I can’t express how much I appreciate you and the foundation.

God bless you and thank you,
Jamie & Joey Chitwood
Rocky Mt., VA

Walter Gojkovich, Sierra Vista,AZ

I am so excited!! It’s SO tough asking for money and I never would have except I got sick too and had brain surgery. So I just needed to overcome my pride and ask. I am so grateful your organization was able to help! The vet said when Walter went under anesthesia his heart rate was higher and when they removed the eye it went to normal. She said that happens because even though they have surgery it still feels better to get the glaucoma eye out. He was a bouncing dog this morning like nothing
happened! (I am a paranoid pet parent and he doesn’t seem to understand why
he can’t play with the others and has to walk on a leash to go pee).

Thank you again! And of course Walter says thank you!
Sarah & Walter
Sierra Vista, AZ

Beau Pine5, Eastpoint, FL

Susan Vincent, you have an amazing talent for writing! Beau’s story is beautifully expressed and written. Thank you so much for telling his story! Thank you again for taking the time to feature Beau and thank you to The Mosby Foundation for helping to save Beau’s heart! Beau is doing well and we are so thankful to be able to share this holiday season with him. Life is such a precious gift!

Merry Christmas,
Eastpoint, FL

Elvis Peralta, Hemet, CA

Just an update. Thanks to your help, Elvis is out of surgery and recovering well.  Already trying to play ball even with his cone on his head.  The lump was not cancerous!!!  We are so happy and thankful for your help!  You have a great day.

David Shea & Elvis the Rat Terrier
Hemet, CA


Paris Bidwell2, Baltimore, MD

Thank you SO much for your assistance!! Paris and I really appreciate your support! Paris is doing great. She was even able to walk herself out after surgery. Thank you so much for helping her walk again! Please tell everyone at Mosby thank you!!

Kristin  & Paris
Baltimore, MD

Abby Jasper, Newtonville, MA

Oh my goodness!  I am in tears, and just incredibly grateful!!!

I am touched beyond words by your generous assistance to help our Abby.

Bless you,
Carrie Jasper
Newtonville, MA


Words cannot express how much my family and I appreciate you and the foundation for your support, kindness and help. Trixie is now in her third week of radiation with one more week to go.  Thank you for being there when we needed help because it was and is much more appreciated then you will ever know. Thank you for being that comforting and reassuring voice especially when it seemed like all hope was lost.  I will always remember how nice and compassionate you are.

May God’s blessing be with you and The Mosby Foundation.

With sincerest thoughts, thanks and appreciation,
Hilda Jackson
Olympia Fields, IL

Flea Drennan, Cedar Park, TX

Oh my gosh! That is such wonderful and AMAZING NEWS! You’re so awesome!

I cannot believe how blessed I am to have such help for my little guy. He is the most precious guy in the world to me, and I think I would literally shrivel away & die without him in my life.

I am so grateful I cannot even find words to describe how I feel.

Thank you SO MUCH just doesn’t seem to be big enough words. lol

May y’all at your foundation have many blessings come to you too.

Thank you again & again & again,
Karen Drennan
Cedar Park, TX

Max Veras, Bronx, NY

I am very happy and grateful that Max has only 3 more cancer treatments to
go.Thank you to The Mosby Foundation and their sponsors to give back these
beautiful monuments of love and happiness.
Thank you!

Kenia Veras Gonzalez & Max
Bronx, NY

Einstein Worob2, Palm Bay, FL

Thank you so much for your kind words. Einstein passed early in the morning on Saturday. He just couldn’t handle the chemotherapy. I’m going to be posting a link and asking my friends and family to donate to your organization, as you were the only organization of over 30 that even responded to my application for help. I hope you guys can continue to do wonderful things, and help people avoid the pain my family is going through.

Thank you,
Aaron Worob
Palm Bay, FL

Coco Kokkinis, Annandale, VA at VA Tech Vet Hosp.going to surgery

Virginia Tech has assigned a student to update me twice daily on Coco’s status and progress.  As of today, she is able to support herself on her front legs with the assistance of hospital staff supporting her rear legs with a harness.  Yesterday morning she could not support her front legs. This morning she improved on a test the staff does by pinching the nerves along her spine to determine her ability to feel superficial pain.

Without the funds you provided through The Mosby Foundation and your assistance in securing additional funds via the Sergei Foundation, Coco would not be alive today.  Even with four pain medications, Coco was still in a substantial amount of pain.  I was filled with sadness as I was prepared to put her to sleep on Friday if I was not able to secure emergency funds.   Miss Coco and I will be forever grateful.

Attached is a photo I took of Coco just before she was wheeled away to be prepped for surgery.  I look forward to sending you a picture of her standing on her own and emailing you a link to a video on YouTube of her finally walking again.  Her recovery is expected to take six to eight weeks.

With much gratitude,
Maria and Coco
Annandale, VA

Gwen Montes2, Santa Ana, CA

Once again I would like to thank you with all your help. It was a great blessing. I pray that your foundation continues to receive funds to help families and individuals with their beloved ones.

Yours truly,
Josephine Montes
Santa Ana, CA

Angus Velasquez. Tucson4, AZ

Hi there! So Angus got his stitches out and is recovering very well from surgery. We will have to stay on watch for future episodes but he is happy and bouncy and full of life again! Literally it seemed like the day we picked him up from surgery he was already feeling better!! We cannot thank you all enough for helping our family get him back on his feet!!

Kristen Velasquez   (photo of Angus)
Tucson, AZ

Tinks Dunn, Levittown, PA

Thank you sooooooo much!  You have me in tears over here.  I am seriously elated!  This is the best news I’ve received in such a long time.  Thank you!!

We just scheduled surgery for Tink…..  Again, thank you so much!  Tinks & I appreciate your generosity!

Love love love,
Nicole Dunn  🙂
Levittown, Pa

Sahara and Cagney Hulmes, Succasunna, NJ

Thank you so much for the money you donated.  I dropped off Sahara this morning for round 2 Chemo. I have to say that your foundation is great, you’re easy to work with and you do help people out.

I have submitted other requests for assistance and you have to complete a long application and then the next day they tell you they don’t have any funds. It would be nice to do that before you spend the time completing the long application.

Sahara is the one in the yellow hat and Cagney is my certified therapy dog.

With Love and Kisses,
Karen & Sahara
Succasunna, NJ

I would first like to say thank you so much for your donation. My parents are wonderful people and definitely need all the help they can get. Animals are so much a part of their lives and helping save the life of Buster will definitely help them emotionally. Again, thank you and your donors for your kind donation. Have a great weekend!

Michelle Palcsik
Middlefield, OH