Mosby’s Mail Spring 2017

I just want to reach out and once again, thank you and The Mosby Foundation for the wonderful things you do to help animals in need.  Clearly, you and your team get great things done every day. Of all the organizations we donate to, The Mosby Foundation is truly making a difference! (Thank You!) Please accept this donation with “Thanks” from the Domino’s team!

Have a Great Day!
Ray Sellers
Commonwealth Pizza, Inc
Staunton, VA


When I went to the shelter 5 years ago, I was looking for anything but a Pit bull mix. Being so young and inexperienced, I naively believed their stereotype. But I couldn’t ignore this enigmatic creature barking in a cage with three other dogs. It was literally stifling in the Orlando, Florida shelter and to make matters worse, she was clearly sick with a cold or flu. But despite these seemingly debilitating circumstances, this particular Pit girl had devised a plan. Every time the automatic water feeder filled up, she’d frantically paw inside of it, creating showers of water flying in all directions, effectively drenching herself. She was a canine survival guide on four legs. Upon closer inspection, I found a bright, brown eyed dog gazing back at me from behind the metal wires that separated us. Her gaze revealed absolute attentiveness, intelligence, and the utmost capacity for love. In that moment I realized two things, I was wrong about Pitbulls and she (Zoey) and I would be inseparable from that moment on.

That is a very generous grant you gave us!   For the first time I feel hopeful!  We simply can’t thank The Mosby Foundation, Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo enough for helping us with Zoey’s cancer surgery.

Warmest Regards,
Ayla & Zoey Hale
Orlando, FL

Today we are celebrating Freya’s 2nd birthday.  Because of your generous help towards her radiation treatment, for oral carcinoma, we have hope that we will be able to enjoy many more birthdays with her. 🙂 

Her tumor has shrunk dramatically over the last few weeks since her treatment ended.  It’s now barely visible and continues to get smaller every day.  We thank you again so much for your help!  

Leigh, Nate, Andrew and Freya
Lynwood, WA


Bea’s surgery has been scheduled.  I’m happy and scared all at once.  It certainly will give me more time to desensitize Bea to being in a crate—she’s terrified of them.  We have some work ahead of us.  Bea didn’t have any training (this would include potty training) when I adopted her three years ago.  She was just a terrified little button!  She now only has to wear “britches” when I’m away from the house and those are dry when I return at least 90% of the time.   I’m so proud of her!  But that is just the tip of the iceberg for Ms. Bea.  This surgery will provide her with a long life to learn more exciting things, give her time to gain confidence and have long happy years.  Currently, she’s just breaking even with the amount of sad years to happy years.

Thank you SO MUCH for your willingness to help us!!  I look forward to sending you progress reports.

Hugs to you, from me and most of all, Ms. Beatrice.
Shelli Taylor  
Lafayette, IN

Thank you again for all your help with helping Raina be able to get her knee surgery! Raina is recovering well from surgery and is home and resting comfortably! This just means the world to us that she was able to get this done. Thank you again so much!

Thank you,
Lindsay Royce
Churchville, NY 


There are no words.  The Mosby Foundation is a god send!!!!!   I (we) cannot thank you enough!

Again, thank you for all your time and assistance with my Little Guy.  You made my day (and his).  All I want (since he is old and was on the E list) is for his remaining (fingers crossed) years to be comfortable, and you are helping make that happen.  This appreciation is not even scratching the surface as to what I feel.  As I stated earlier, there are no words.  I am forever grateful, to you and your board.  You are truly awesome!

Thank you,
Meg Ryan
Phoenix, AZ


I just wanted to let you know that Cirrus had her surgery and I’m very pleased to report that surgery went very well, and she’s doing great! In order to remove all traces of the mammary tumor and perform a hysterectomy, she was in surgery for 3 1/2 hours. Dr. Lashley said she did fine with the anesthesia
and her heart rate was strong and steady throughout the operation.

I cannot express the deep appreciation and relief I feel as a direct result
of the help you wonderful folks at the Mosby Foundation are giving us. Thank
you doesn’t begin to say it… Nevertheless, THANK YOU!!

Jennifer & Cirrus
Belleville, IL


Good Saturday morning! I hope you have a great weekend! Your call certainly blessed us yesterday! I would like to let the board members know how much we appreciate what they have done. Because of them and their generosity, compassion and heart, Precious will be able to get the vet care she needs in both February and March. She is my Precious, my sweet senior girl who, since starting this medicine, has begun to feel and play like she did years ago. That makes all the trials and worry worthwhile knowing she will live a full, quality life because of this treatment. We are grateful for The Mosby Foundation, their donors, and to Darlene. We want to pay it forward when we re-coop from all that this year has brought us so far.

Sending love and hugs to all our new friends and family!
Tammy & Precious
Mansfield, AR


Thank you for your generous donation towards my dog Penelope’s surgery!   These are some pictures after the removal of 3 masses. 

Thank you!!!
Ruth Clausen
Warpide, WV



I cannot begin to express my heartfelt appreciation to The Mosby Foundation.  The past 10 years has been incredibly difficult for us with significant medical issues, extended unemployment and the loss of our home.  This is the best thing to happen to us in a long, long time.  My God bless you all!

Forever grateful,
Mesa, AZ


Thank you again for the help with Cooper’s surgery……I am so grateful!  He is doing pretty good, aside from all the “snot”!!!  He means the world to me…and you have something to do with that!! 

Katie Brinker
North Saint Paul, MN



I’m picking up Callie from the vet, and I just want to say THANK YOU again. You don’t know how appreciative I am for you and The Mosby foundation! You all are heaven sent!

Tiana Smith,
College Park, GA



We are very grateful for your assistance towards Kona’s surgery. Your organization is amazing and we cannot wait to share progress photos with you. My husband is so happy to know Kona (his service dog) will be able to work for him again soon! We cannot thank you enough! 

Thank you Mosby Foundation!!!
Savanna Williams
Creola, AL


Hi!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping Raven.  You will never know how much this meant to me, but especially my daughter.  I am going to try and repay your foundation a little at a time when I could. Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth Collette
Mokena, IL



I was looking on-line and saw a site down the list of hits for The Mosby Foundation, and I saw a rating site for non-profits.  You guys got nothing but 5/5 stars and some wonderful comments about how much you help, how sweet you are, how you follow up, how you make suggestions for other support, how quickly you get back to people when they first contact you —  things I experienced, too.  It all makes a difference, especially when people are so worried about their furry friends.

Thanks for being there.

Nancy Coates
Mission, KS


Hi…Wanted to thank you and the foundation for your financial help with Buddy getting his surgery.  Although it was delayed a week, needed a sonogram to pinpoint the parathyroid gland with the growth, he is recovering well.  Was dazed and confused a few days after the surgery but is getting back to normal.   I have posted on Facebook about his surgery and mentioned the foundation, requesting if anyone would like to donate to please go to your website.  Not sure if anything will come out of it but I hope so.  Once again I can’t express enough how we are so grateful for your kindness and financial support.  Buddy is smiling and feeling much better.  A happy dog makes for an even happier owner.  Looking forward to the day we are able to maybe help someone else out. 

John and Buddy Walls
Annandale, VA


Thank you so very much — you have made our day!!  

Chase is doing wel, though we still have to keep him completely immobilized, but he’s handling it like a champ, even though I know he must be so tired of sitting in a carrier all day.  He loves his potty break walks, though he is a holy terror with his cone, running into everything and everyone in his excitement at simply being able to MOVE. 

Thank you again, our family appreciates everything your organization has done for fur babies as well as all you will do for them in the future. 

Take care,
Lynelle Medley
Muskogee, OK


Words can’t express my gratitude! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Coco had her surgery today and is doing well. I will be eternally grateful for your foundation’s help. I know of one donation to Mosby Foundation made because I told my story and I hope many more to come. If my circumstances ever change you will be my first thought. I keep you in my prayers.

Coco also said to tell you thank you for helping her!! 🙂

Debra Trevino,
Las Vegas, NV


Thank you so much for helping me and my baby, Buttons, to get the care he desperately needed. I was so overwhelmed yesterday when I spoke to you. I am so very grateful. Without you my baby would not have been able to get his care. Your organization is wonderful and what you do for our loved fur babies is absolutely amazing! I am glad that I had the pleasure of speaking with you, maybe one day Buttons and I could meet you.

With much gratitude,
Virginia Chavez
Harrisonburg, VA