Mosby’s Mail Summer 2015

Wilfred Viteo2, Waldorf, MDThank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for your donation. It will be a tremendous help for us. We have another appointment on July 2nd for boosters on his vaccines and to recheck his stool to make sure treatment was effective on his hookworm/whipworm, as well as his treatment for his ear infections. I believe once the vet is certain that Wilfred has no active infections, intestinal or otherwise, he will be scheduled for his first treatment. I will let you know ASAP.   Thanks again so very much. We truly are very grateful for your generous donation.

Warmest Regards,
Roxanne, Mark, and Wilfred

Waldorf, MD

Mary Lou Vuolo10, Hinton, WVThank you for making it possible to save Mary Lou.

 Today’s update:

As mentioned, the jaw was a total mess.  How ever they do the bond, it is an external substance which holds between the teeth on the lower jaw and between the upper and lower jaws.  It is a special procedure to remove once she heals.  So her mouth is fixed in a partially open position for the next month.  She had her first meal via the feeding tube at 1 am last night and then another meal this morning.  Mary Lou very much wants to gobble it up herself 🙂 but the food has helped her feel better too.  They said they could see calcium forming already when they gave me an update late yesterday!  The bodies of the babies are amazing!!!  🙂  And so is her mind and spirit!. 🙂  I think it will be more challenging as she starts feeling better, lol.

We appreciate all you do for all pets!!!

Thank you!

Beth Vuolo, volunteer
ACWP, Inc.
Summers County Humane Society
P.O. Box 236
Hinton, WV 25951

Kaz Britt2, Milwaukie, ORHi Mosby Foundation,

We just wanted to send another thank you for your help with Kaz’s surgery. He’s been healing well and just this last weekend he made his first beach trip since the surgery. He seems to be pain free and we are glad that we were able to have the surgery done! Hope all is well!

Thank you all so much! Your help will go a long way and we’ll be telling others of your foundation for sure!  I’ll keep y’all updated with his progress!

Thanks again!
Gary and Mallory Britt,
Milwaukie, OR

Joy Nelson, Decatur, GAThis is Abigail Nelson, giving you an update on Joy Nelson. I am pleased and excited to share Joy received her successful surgery on March 20 and is healing extremely well. As of this week she is back to being the “Joy” in our lives. She is smiling, vocal in her wants and needs, active again, sleeping well, healthy appetite returned and using her foot (ok, paw lol). *I think she is human lol.  Initially after surgery she looked at me questioning how I allowed her to be operated on. She didn’t understand, until now. (Yes, we communicate lol). She is licking me and thanking me expressing her gratitude as well as letting me know she is ok. A big lick for thanks is for you and all involved with this process. When I found out she needed surgery, my heart broke for so many reasons. I wished it was me because I understand surgery. But Joy has taught me another lesson about life and healing…sunshine comes after the storm and to be strong during the pain. I love my dog so much. She is everything to me, she and my son. My Life has a meaning because of these two…

I’m sure you all may receive letters of gratitude a lot, so please add this one to the list. I am eternally grateful and thankful for the Mosby Foundation in assisting me in finding funding for Joy’s surgery. Also, a huge thank you is in order for The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo Pet Foods for their generous grant.

I have attached (at the bottom of the email) recent pictures of Joy expressing her Thanks! I cropped us out the picture because the spot light is on her: she deserves to shine.

Thank you again! I’m Grateful!

Abigail Nelson
Decatur, GA

We would like to THANK YOU for helping with Molly and the others. The help you provide truly changes the lives for the pet as well as the owners. Your foundation is a BLESSING !!!

We met Mr. & Mrs. Smith & Jessie 3 years ago. All they are going through adds a larger personal impact to them and our staff as well. They are a very caring and deserving family. Watching how devoted “Molly” is to Jessie and Mr. Smith makes your heart melt. She is a sweet heart !!!

THANK YOU again for everything,
Trisha Jeffries
Natural Bridge Hospital for Animals
Natural Bridge Station , VA

sebastian mullins 2, charleston, wv The Mosby Foundation once helped my baby. I hope this little donation helps this baby, Tucker, get the surgery he needs to run and play!

Sebastian’s Mommy, Melissa
Charleston, WV

Joy Nelson, Decatur, GAHow great and wonderful is humankind. I have a renewed hope that people care about others and are interested in helping me but most importantly Joy! She really deserves it but what pet doesn’t when their only desire is to love and please their owner. Seems like an unfair exchange, but they think we give them more with just our attention. It always been my desire to help others in need and now I am the recipient. I am eternally grateful and thankful.

Never assume your work is in vain or unappreciated.
Abigail Nelson
Decatur, GA

Harley Clutteur, Broadway, VAWe are taking Harley home!!! The vet is very optimistic about her recovery and we will follow back up in 5 days for a recheck. Thank you and The Mosby Foundation again for all of your help!! This would not have been possible without you!

Kimberly Woolard,
Greenville, NC

Oden Baker2, Bagdad KYI am just in shock right now.  Thank you so much for your help with Oden’s medical bills.  It isn’t  just the money, but that so many people, organizations and companies come together to help pets and their owners. Wow….just wow.  I am speechless.  I would have never thought my spunky, puppy-like 10 year old dog would become a cancer victim.  Oden has helped out so many people in his life, he is now getting the help he needs!

 We had a good day yesterday! My husband and I took the day off work and took Oden for his second chemotherapy treatment at the Medvet in Cincinnati.  The oncologist examined him and said his blood-work looked pretty good and the tumor already felt a little smaller.  Oden seems to be tolerating the drugs rather well.  I am so lucky I can bring my dog to work and keep an eye on him also.  He seems a little sleepy after treatment, but otherwise seems normal.  I have to take him to get blood-work done a couple times before our next chemo appointment on June 18th.  I know we are just buying him time, but I hope it is great time so we can have some more fun and make more memories!

Lindsay,Kevin and Oden
Bagdad, KY

Gronk Manning2, Portsmouth, VAI just wanted to say thank you again for helping us with Gronk! His first chemo treatment is in 5 days and it wouldn’t be possible without The Mosby Foundation’s help!

Meredith Manning
Portsmouth, VA

Emma Bradshaw6, Valley Village, CAThank you for helping my baby Emma extend her life.

She was fine bouncing around one day and then seizuring  the next. I took her home with hospice medicine because I couldn’t put her down.

Then I took her to a different vet and they said the cancer was most likely in her brain. That’s why it was so sudden.  There is nothing that can be done once that happens. They said she wouldn’t make it through the night and it would be painful so finally I let this second vet put her down. They said this happens a lot and once it goes to the brain it’s usually a matter of days for life with constant seizures.

Thank you for all of your help. You are all so wonderful. I am so grateful to have had another 6 months with angel Emma.

Thank you and God bless you all for giving her and I another 6 months together.

Best wishes,
Melanie Bradshaw
Valley Village, CA 

Mia Smith2, Columbia, MOI wanted to give you a quick update on Mia; we went in for a follow up appointment on Monday, June 1st and the doctor gave Mia a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH!

Dr. Reinero said she looked, felt, and sounded great! We go back at the end of August for radiographs, to ensure she is still in good condition, but she is doing amazing! I can’t imagine my life without her,

Thanks to The Mosby Foundation and so many generous people, she has a long and happy life ahead of her! I am eternally grateful for all you have done for my baby girl! We visited Elephant Rock State Park this past weekend, and I have attached a photo to show you how wonderful she is doing!

Thanks so much!
Kelli Smith
Columbia, MO

Sheba Kuc2, Alberquerque, NMI just came from my appointment with Dr Kelly. It is overwhelming. Sheba had first shot,which basically kills this aggressive cancer. The shot was done in the leg, because in the ear it’s too close to the brain. She also had chemo directly in the ear. After that she stop shaking her head. Dr Kelly said, because  she was in pain. This is maybe one  ,or two time thing . Later only shots .Shots  will start working immediately. Now she is sleeping quietly.
We also talk about nutrition. I told them I cook Polish vegetable soups for her.

I wish you the best,and I will let you know about Sheba again!

B. Kuc
Albuquerque, NM

Butch Hilbern5, Oklahoma City, OKButch looks so very good!!  The vet did an amazing job reconstructing his lip and you can’t even tell he had it removed! I’ll give him lots of hugs and kisses 🙂 Thank you guys so much for all the help because of it I now have more years to cherish with my baby!

Brittany Smith
Oklahoma City, OK

Bosco Lance3, Oceanside, CAI just wanted to again say thank you for the donation for Bosco’s chemo treatments. Your generosity not only helped me financially but also served as a stress reliever.

I’m also very pleased to inform you that Bosco has been in remission since the first half of April and continues to do very well through out the remaining chemo treatments. For the most part he’s back to his playful self again.

Thank you again, you guys are doing wonderful things for families with fur-babies in need.

Kacie and Bosco 🙂
Oceanside, CA

Ross Metz3, Sellersburg, INI just wanted to give you an update on Ross.  He has had a few chemo treatments now and his doctor said she is very pleased with his progress.  He has been doing great and has had only a few side effects. I love it that he has been eating dog food for awhile now (I had to boil chicken and rice for him for a couple of weeks), and I have him now eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness.  He even loves jumping in the car to go to his chemo treatments!  Thanks again for the generous gift that helped make it possible for him to get this treatment.  I will keep you updated on his progress.

Ginnie Metz
Sellersburg, IN

Kurby Wolfgang3, Richfield, PAOh my goodness…Words can not express our sincere gratitude. Our hearts have been so heavy with worry over the financial part on top of the actual procedure itself.  My little dog means the world to us, and we thank you, the Mosby Foundation, The Petco Foundation, and Blue Buffalo Pet Foods for helping us to get him the care he needs.

Richfield, PA

Gobi Chute, Verona, WII just wanted to reach out again and thank you for the grant you gave us last August.  It was so incredibly generous and sweet and I will forever be grateful.

I just wanted to let you know that Gobi passed on April 7th…exactly 8 months after diagnosis.  We had 8 spectacular months with him doing all the things he loves…hiking, swimming, cuddling, and lots of playing… and I will forever cherish that extra time we had with him.

Thank you again for all that you are doing to help others in need.  And most of all, just thank you for listening to me that day when we chatted.  He was my very best friend and I am absolutely devastated, but it feels so good knowing that there are caring people like you and the rest of the folks at The Mosby Foundation.  I can’t thank you enough.

Forever Grateful,
Lana…Gobi’s mom
Verona, WI

Mia Smith5, Columbia, MOMia came home on Saturday morning!! She is happy to be home and doing very well. She is extremely restricted for the next 3 weeks, but goes back next week for her follow up appointment (and hopefully get staples removed). I am beyond grateful for the help I’ve received; she is my baby girl and I don’t know what I would do without her!!! I’ve attached photos of my visit in the ICU, her first day home, and her taking her first pill in the comfort of her own home. Although I won’t have any extra money to spend for while, I did switch my Amazon Smile charity to The Mosby Foundation 🙂 When I’m able, I do hope to donate back to The Mosby Foundation as well!!  I feel so blessed to have so many people who care about my baby girl. Thanks again for being so helpful!!

Kelli Smith
Columbia, MO

Mir Hayes2, Cuyahoga Falls, OHAs you know my dog MIR was diagnosed with cancer.  After learning that MIR’s cancer has advanced, I made the decision not to have the surgery performed. You asked me to contact you once MIR arrived at the Banfield Pet hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, for your donation.

Thank you for contacting, Banfield Pet Hospital to check on MIR’s condition. I would have contacted you immediately, but during the time the pain was to unbearable. You gave me the biggest donation when you personally called me and talked about how to make the remainder of MIR’s life more fun, comfortable, and how to continue to give him the meds he need to help sustain the life for the time he has left to live.  Priceless.

I know that no amount of money will ever cure MIR, but when you personally reached out and called you gave me the biggest donation that no amount of money could ever give. One was when you constantly stayed in touched via telephone. Priceless.

May your foundation always be blessed to help other dogs and their owners, who will always need your support and help.

Thank you,
Veronica Hayes and MIR
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Bella Bahr, Tipton, IABella had EIGHT abscessed teeth and kidney stones removed with Mosby’s help.

We are so appreciative of everything your organization provided for Bella’s care. She is doing great.  She is her spunky, bouncy little self! She is so loving and affectionate.  We can’t imagine not having her in our family.

We took her for a walk on the boardwalk next to Lake Hartwell in Clemson, SC this past weekend and wanted to share some pictures of her with all of you. She loved the walk around the park along with her “brother” Dusty who is also a rescued dog.

Thank you again for ALL your assistance!!

Phil, Kim and Bella Brooks 
Clemson, SC

Libby Grisdale, Cheboygan, MI 2Happy Spring! Just wanted to send you a pic of Libby, she doesn’t want to give up that last patch of snow to bury and dig up her ball in! Too cold to swim yet! She’s had a great winter! Thank you again to all her supporters and the Mosby Foundation   for Improving her health and quality of life! We could not be more grateful!

Love, Sandy, Libby & Family
Cheboygen, MI 

Kojak Shanks, Brookhaven, GAWe would like to thank you and The Mosby Foundation again for your extreme promptness and care for Kojak.  His second surgery went very well and Dr. Wilson did an excellent job.

We can’t thank you all enough!!

Phyllis &  Kojak
Brookhaven, GA

The Mosby Foundation help save my bassets life.  A mass was found on Bailey’s anal gland that  needed removed.  The vet suspected cancer.  We were able to get help from the Mosby Foundation so Bailey coul have the life saving surgery he needed.  We just received the pathology report and Bailey is cancer free!  Without the help we were given we could not have given our baby the surgery he needed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will never forget the gift you gave us.

Chrissy Wingert
Bellevue, NE

Niyah Barstow3, San Antonio, TXI am thrilled to report Niyah’s surgery went well, she is home and happy, and most importantly, she is healthy and mobile. I even made her her very own T-shirt to wear.

When I went to the vet to pick her up, I was expecting a semi sedated, wonky puppy who’d be either carried out or slowly hopping. As I talked to the front desk, Dr. Kirby came out with Niyah on her leash and she came bumbling down the hall toward me. She was ready to go. She returns to get her staples out in about a week, but she is already hopping up and down from the bed and hanging out in the yard.

We are very grateful for your contribution to her surgery expense.  I’ll be joining some local tri-paw groups with her soon. And one day, I plan to bring her home a friend, even if its just a foster dog.

We appreciate the generosity and what you do for so many people and animals like me and Niyah.

Shana Hamid
San Antonio, TX

Charlie Elliott, Gordonsville, VAYippee, this is the best news I’ve had…..well, for a long time. I will tell Charlie when I get home. Of course it will be dinner time, so he may not listen…..

Seriously, this means a lot to me. Goodness knows I could skip a few meals, but when it comes to my Charlie, he comes first.

Take care. You do make wishes come true.

Penny & Charlie
Gordonsville, Va

GiGi Huneycutt2, Garland, TXGigi is a blind, deaf, 10 year old Great Dane……….

To All the Mosby Angels:

GiGi is doing very well after her eye surgery. I’m also doing well in the “worry”

department about paying for her surgery, thanks to the ‘over the top’ generosity

of The Mosby Foundation. The words to describe my relief and deep appreciation

for your help don’t seem to exist; I can only hope you know and understand. You gave me the freedom to concentrate on my precious girl without the cloud of worry about how I was going to pay for her surgery – a priceless gift!

Any surgery requiring anesthesia for a 10 (11?) year old Great Dane is risky, as you no doubt know, and it took 12 hours for her to wake up enough to be somewhat mobile again, but she’s done really well today. I wish the attached photos were better. She

has just enough vision to see peripheral shadows, and the flash of a camera totally

terrifies her, so I took only the two photos. It must be a huge relief for her that the

adenomas are no longer rubbing on her cornea every time she moves her eyelids, and also a huge relief for me to know she will no longer be in constant pain when her eyelid has healed.

“Thank you” doesn’t begin to cover my thoughts and feelings, and wish I could reach through this monitor screen to hug each and every Mosby Angel and your sponsors.

Doris Huneycutt
Garland, TX

Lola DeCosta2, Edgewood, NMOn behalf of my wife, Lola, Viggo, and I, thank you so much. You are an answer to our prayers, and we are so thankful. Bless you and your wonderful organization. Thank you so much.  I hope that you and your staff have a fantastic day.

Antone DeCosta
Edgewood, NM

penelope parker2, Nantucket, MA_1Thank you so much for helping to make Penelope’s surgery a reality. Because  of your generous support, Penelope will soon be back on all four legs and will be enjoying a proper life as a dog. She fills my heart with so much joy and I’m so happy, that with your help, I was able to help her get better!

With love and gratitude,
Clarissa and Penelope Parker

Nantucket, MA
Thank you Mosby Foundation!  We are so happy and grateful!  🙂