Mosby’s Mail Summer 2016

Oreo Sewell4, Lynn, MA

I thank you for your help with Oreo’s double eye surgery. He is so
content now & no longer suffering. He & my family thank you for making it

Thank You,
Hope Sewell
Lynn, MA

Aurora Krouse, Drums, PA

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Aurora’s surgery went well. She had a huge mass removed. The doctor said she never saw anything like it. They sent it to the lab to find out what it was and to see if it was cancerous. She will get her stitches out in 14 days. She seems lively and happy. Thank you again for all the help from you. God Bless you!

Love Lisa and Steve
Drums, PA

Cody Moclock2, Allentown, PA

OMG!  Thank you so much.  Words cannot express how happy I am for my furbaby Cody!.

Again, thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated!  Cody thanks you too.

Allentown, PA

Boots Pask2, Garden City, MIBoots had her 4th treatment of CCNU last week. Her dosage had to be lowered because of how low her blood count dropped. Her blood count still dropped with a lower dose, but they countered that with antibiotics.  They tried to slightly increase her dose and her blood count plummeted. She went on antibiotics and her count got much better. Overall she is doing well. No evidence of regrowth and she is eating normally and acting fine. She still likes to play and cause trouble. She gets a bit of nausea around day 3-5 after chemo but that is normal. Reglan helps that. Thank you again to The Mosby Foundation for their donation for Bootsie’s care.

Tracey Pask
Garden City, MI

Dillon Cota, Scarborough, ME

Thank you so much for your generous donation! We truly appreciate The Mosby Foundation’s generosity and support through this time. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity you have given to help save our beloved dog, Dillon.

His breed is actually an American Staffordshire Terrier but the vet associates him with the pitbull breed as well.

Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for The Mosby Foundation’s support and donation! The world is very fortunate enough to have a foundation like yours to help those who need it.

Thank you,
Kristie McNall
Scarborough, ME

Flea Drennan, Cedar Park, TX

Well, Flea’s check up went really well. Dr. Jill said everything looks good and that he could return to having crunchy treats by Saturday, and in fact she gave him a bag of some of their yummy homemade ones. (She was able to save his very back “chompers”)

Again, I can’t thank you guys enough. You literally helped save my “Little Man’s” life.

Little Man is Flea’s nickname because he acts just like a little gentleman all the time.

Karen & Flea,
Cedar Park, TX



Update on Dezzie, who has severe PDA and a severe issue with a pulmonary valve. I had Dez at the dog park yesterday and she played in the water while running with her dog friends.   Such a big difference since her surgery .  A rottie mix is her bff.  They have such a good time together.

Many thanks-
Michele & Dezzie Kramer
Denver, CO


Just wanted to say hello and let you know that because of The Mosby Foundation and your donors, Fiasco is doing great!!!! He is finally putting on some of the weight he lost after surgery and chemo.
Thank you and have a blessed day!
Alex & Fiasco
Katy, Texas

Hershey Noble5, Grand Rapids, MI

Hershey’s eye and tumor were removed April 27. The tumor was malignant melanoma. We are hoping and praying it was contained within the eye and bone that they removed. He has lost weight. We are hoping it was because he was miserable and in pain. He has lost another 1.1 lbs in the past two weeks. It’s a watch and wait game for a bit. I’ve been boiling chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, etc, and adding it to his food, as well as a muscular- improving crushed supplement I sprinkle on top. Sometimes he eats well; other times not. He wants to walk all the time, maybe restlessness, maybe just happier and feeling better. 🙂 Well, he is for sure feeling better!
Many thanks and God bless you all,

Karrie & Hershey
Grand Rapids, MI


Oh my gosh!Boy does this bring tears to my eyes. Dunk and I are forever thankful and we are looking forward to a healthier future. Thank you so much for such a great gesture, restoring my faith in humanity.

Dunk and Mel
Clifton, NJ

Sasha Morgan3, Seattle, WA

Hello my angels!
Sasha is great and was seen by her regular vet, Dr. Earls last weekend as
planned. She is doing fantastic, no symptoms. She is very alert and normal
again, feisty as usual and crazy playful! We have to be seen for a CT
scan and hopefully there is nothing else left in there other than her pretty
‘End of April it was my birthday and all I had asked God for long ago was my
Sasha with me, and He gave me that! We had an amazing time in Bellingham,
went swimming, running, sitting together watching the sunset and just being
all together with her siblings. Mother’s Day was a delight! I am so blessed
and thank you for all you did for my girly! We love you so much!!!!!!!
You were and always will be our angels, until the day we pass on over the
rainbow, me as well, so thank you!!!
I will be in touch again for updates and continue for life.
I have been through so much all together the last few months. My life
changed from a very stable successful life to homeless, broke, cold, hungry,
alone and scared. With no one around but far away friends. By some miracle I
am still going and my baby girl is alive and well! Please pray she continues
to live much longer and we receive good great news in July.

Much love!
Sasha and Shae
Seattle, WA

Bubby Collins3, New Albany, IN

Bubby had 7 teeth pulled out,  a cyst taken off his mouth, and was neutered. No cancer or any other issues and he has a clean bill of health! We thank you so very much for giving us the grant to help in our time of need. Thank you for being my baby’s angel!

Here’s some photos of little man!
New Albany, IN


Roxie Valentine McGrath, Franklinton, LA

Roxie is currently four days post-op. She is doing extremely well
considering she just had an intense surgery. Roxie and I are forever
grateful for the help we received from you guys. We definitely couldn’t have
done it without y’all. I’m expecting her to be back to her bouncy, wiggly, energetic boxer self in no
time. The Mosby Foundation has been a blessing sent
from above and we are extremely appreciative of y’all. With the help of
y’all Roxie has a chance to have her own happily ever after with no more
limping or constant leg pain.

Again, thank you so very much!
-Roxie Valentine & Caitlin
Franklinton, LA


Thank you so very very much for your pledge in helping the love of my life and my only companion my boy…Cedric…He has a good gentle soul and is so  goofy…He loves life……He means so very much to me…You are angels on earth…Thank you….and God Bless…

Marie Tello

Lancaster, CA

Maggie Booker, Taylorsville, IL

I can’t thank you enough for the chance The Mosby Foundation has helped give Maggie a chance for a better life without so many ear infections. I’m praying this surgery (lateral ear resection) will take care of all the ear infections, but even just cutting the number down would help too. At any rate, things should get better regardless. And The Mosby Foundation helped make that a reality. Thank you.


Hugs and doggie kisses,
Nancy and Maggie
Taylorsville, IL

Baby Girl Crooks5, Jasper, MO

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help with this surgery for Baby Girl. She is recovering quite well and I will be taking her back in a week to have the drain tube removed and check up on her progress. I am truly grateful for your donation to help get this taken care of where she can have a more healthy life! Thank you again for all your help!

Heather Crooks
Jasper, MO

Shadow Foster3, Klamath Falls, OR

Thank you so very much for your generous donation to my Shadow !!! This means a great deal to us, and you are a wonderful blessing . Please continue to keep Shadow in your thoughts and prayers as she will undergo her surgery for the mass on her jawbone tomorrow, and pray for a quick recovery as well. Again thank you so very much for helping her . She is a wonderful companion and she makes me smile and my heart happy daily . She is the best decision I have made and I can’t thank you enough . God’s blessings to you all as you work daily to make the lives of people and pets in need better. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts !!!! 🙂

Jody Fuller
Florissant, MO

Kia Porter, Littleton, CO

Kia went to Planned Pethood Plus yesterday for her follow-up check up with Dr. Jeff Young. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to contribute to Kia’s surgery.  I was crying for three days before the surgery.  I had half of my family and friends saying to put her down – that I had given her a good long life and needed to focus on me to improve my situation; while the other half were saying to give it a try and see if it worked.  I made an appointment with Dr. Jeff that day before the surgery.  I wanted his opinion and would trust whatever he told me.  He looked at Kia, who had suddenly had a perk of energy when she saw all of the other dogs. Dr. Jeff told me that she was still healthy – just getting old – and to get her in to surgery.

At her re-check Dr. Young said Kia has recovered nicely.  She has to take medicine for the rest of her life for her leaking but, as he put it “she is just getting old.”  Thank goodness that is all – we can now continue to grow old(er) together!

Wishing you much success in receiving contributions to help others in need and again, thank you for your consideration and prompt attention to our situation.

Best Wishes,
Kim and Kia (woof!)
Littleton, CO

Rosie Speas2, Sandy Hook, VA

Joey, Rosie and I want to thank The Mosby Foundation for your generous donation towards Rosie’s TPLO surgery…As you know, the surgery is very expensive and we are very grateful for your help.  Due to my husband’s heart attack in August 2015 and then two unexpected surgeries in June, we were blindsided by Rosie’s injury.  As a long time rescuer, we are SO aware of how limited funds are in the rescue community, so THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Rosie’s surgery went well, and we brought her home on Wednesday, June 22nd and albeit she did exhibit some pain, she faired well through the night and seemed to be ready to hit the ground running the next morning…Obviously, we can’t let her do much of anything for 12 weeks, so it is going to be a long, challenging summer!

You are an amazing and compassionate organization and we intend to donate every dime back and then some as soon as we are back on our feet!

Casey Speas
Sandy Hook, VA

Cedric Tello2, Lancaster, CA

Thank you so very very much for your pledge in helping the love of my life and my only companion my boy…Cedric…He has a good gentle soul and is so  goofy…He loves life……He means so very much to me…You are angels on earth…Thank you….and God Bless…

Marie Tello
Lancaster, CA