Mosby’s Mail Summer 2017

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the grant for Jarvis’s leg amputation.  Jarvis had his surgery and I’ve been hoping his fur would grow back so
we’d have some cute photos to send you soon, hence the delay. It’s still a
little bald but he is fully recovered and able to resume his typical doggy
life style. Jarvis has always loved hiking, and now that he is no longer in
pain, he is even more confident during our hikes. He hiked 5 miles
yesterday! So many people were stopping to say hi to him and commend his
efforts up the steep parts.

Thank you thank you thank you!
Jenni Robinson
Fort Collins, CO


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you !!!

We’ll get Romeo on the surgery schedule ASAP for his CCl..

 Thank you again…God bless you guys

 Mike Elliott
Northeast, MD 


I just wanted to send you guys a quick message. This is Bear. You all helped him receive his Heartworm Treatment in January. Since having his procedure, Bear has been such a happy dog! It’s as if he knows what happened and has an entire new look at life! He’s started Doggie Day Care which he loves. He enjoys going on walks, visiting the park, chasing squirrels and the neighborhood cats and he is getting over his fear of water. He still loves naps and snuggles and he has a mommy and daddy that are happy to oblige. He’s went on three big road trips and we see more happening soon! None of that would’ve been possible without you all and the help that you blessed us with. I know that Bear is thankful but I am beyond thankful. Thank you guys so much.

Jackson, MO



Dear Mosby Friends,

It has been nearly seven weeks since Wink’s last operation at Texas A&M. During this procedure, a fourth stent was placed in Wink’s right nasal passage. As you may know, Wink only has one nasal passage and it’s basically man-made. His left side was damaged so severely that it was inoperable. It continues to be blocked by hardened tissue and bone. 

Our goal for this most recent procedure was to hold the right nasal passage open and to block strictures, or blockages, from forming. Over the last few weeks, Wink has dealt with excess mucus production and mucus plugs that have restricted his air flow. Although he has had a difficult few weeks, I’m happy to report that he is improving with time. This morning, I woke to a dog who was sleeping comfortably and breathing through his nose! He is also smelling everything in sight! This is the BEST Mother’s Day gift I could imagine.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Wink. Because of your support, he has the potential to lead a normal life. Thank you will never be enough.

Your friend,
Kim Smith
Raymond, MS


Ginger had successful surgery last Wednesday.  I got her home Friday night and she is a whole new dog.  She sure is happy to be alive.  She can lift her head again and wags her tail like the professional tail wagger she is.  She is heavily medicated three times a day and snores like a pig.  It is good to have her home again and not have to watch her panting in agony.

I can’t thank you all enough for helping out financially with this.  

Thanks again,
Holly Zepp
Washington DC


Sampson and I want to Thank You and The Mosby Foundation from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support. Sampson is back on solid food and doing much better. Personally, Sampson is more than just my companion, you might say my survival depends on him. My health and mobility became compromised by a series of chronic conditions. I’ve been in a motorized wheel chair for the last ten years. Sampson provides me with life-changing assistance so that I can maintain a productive and positive quality of life, despite my hardships. He comforts me. He makes me smile and laugh all the time. He always loves me unconditionally. As my service dog, Sampson helps to calm me down when I am having a really bad Tourette Syndrome episode. He also helps manage my Diabetes by alerting me when I have low blood sugar. He will nudge me towards the refrigerator and then watch me until I have enough juice to elevate my blood sugar level. Also, because I am deaf in my right ear and hard of hearing in my left ear, I taught Sampson American Sign Language so we can better communicate with one another. He lets me know when someone is at the door or when the phone rings. Sampson is more than just my dog. He is my family and I love him dearly. So, once again Thank You for helping me and my family.

Kenneth and Sampson Bryant
San Diego, CA



It’s been a year! One crazy hectic year but Koda is a champ, 4 ribs down and he doesn’t skip a beat. I sometimes have to tell him to be gentle when he plays with his brother but  I think that’s me being overprotective. I could never have asked for a better outcome. You would never know he had surgery. He doesn’t have any muscle spasms anymore and hasn’t had any pain in months. We go for car rides all the time sometimes just for errands, but they love it. For Memorial Day they went to their grandparents house and got to play with their cats.

I could never thank you guys enough for all the memories I’ve had since his surgery and so many more to come. 

Thank you!!!!!
Erica and Koda
Cartersville, GA



Zelda Mae received a grant last year and with your help she had the surgery she needed to remove a tumor from her thyroid gland. Its been a year since she received the diagnosis while having bladder stones surgery and 8 months since her thyroid surgery. The peace of mind we have this year with Zelda’s health is so far removed from the stress, worry, and fear from a year ago. Zelda thanks you, her kennel mate Brodi thanks you, but most of all I thank you! I had little hope that anyone would take a chance on an older dog with health concerns, but you guys did and I’m humbled daily from the hope and support The Mosby Foundation gave us!

All my love and thanks,
Sarah Miller
Sacramento, CA



We just wanted to send a special thank you to the Mosby foundation for helping us with the additional funds that we needed in order to have Zeus’s surgery!
They successfully removed the large cyst from his arm that had become such a bother to him. (The first picture is him shorty after the surgery with his cone and the second was just today after he finished running and playing with his tennis ball.)

Thanks again!
Wesley Allen & Zeus
Ashville, NC




Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your funds towards Bishop’s mass surgery.  The surgery went well. Bishop’s home recuperating.  We appreciate what you did. without your help Bishop would not have been able to receive his surgery. Bishop and I just want to THANK YOU sincerely from the bottom of our hearts…  some day we hope to be able to donate to your foundation to do what you did for us.

Thanks Again,
Bishop & Helena Ford 
Louisville, KY



I want to once again thank you, but over the weekend Abby’s condition got worse and the pain was to great for her . Yesterday I was forced to put her down. It was the hardest decision I have ever made. I love her so much that I or she could not go through the pain anymore . Thank you for all your help and for the willingness to help. Out of all this tragedy I have experienced in the last 3 months your foundation was so easy and kind to work with. The foundation stood out over everyone I met along this painful journey and I took great comfort  in knowing you were there for us. I’m deeply sorry things ended up this way but I know she is in heaven with her dad right now running, eating everything she can. I made the right decision for her and I.

Thank You,
Michelle Rice
Golden Valley, MN




Hurley has been wonderfully active since his surgery (removal of 2 skin masses: benign).  Your financial assistance was (and still is) deeply appreciated.

Thank you for helping my precious service dog,
Brenda Lippe
Glendale, AZ




I am so sorry that it has taken so much time for me to say Thank You but Missy’s surgery was a little longer than expected and her recovery time was longer also.  She had a total of three tumors removed and lots of blood loss.  She had to stay over night which I was not expecting.  

   I wanted to explain my relationship with her to you.  She is what I call a throw away dog.  My son was on drugs at the time he got  her.  All he ever wanted was a pit bull , but not knowing how to care for her.  I ended up with her and would not allow him to take her with him anywhere.  I did not realize what she meant to me until I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  Now we both need each other more than ever and thanks to your generosity I now will have  some time with her.  She is 11 years old and I know that time is not on her side but she deserved a better quality of life and now she has it.   She is playful and frisky and is able to move so much better.  So again thank you!

Melanie P
Reno, NV



Thank you so much for your help with Bosco!  He is doing so well and is ready to get back to his usual routine…playing with the kids, looking out for the school bus, chasing bears, and scaring away coyotes.  He wouldn’t be the same without your help.  You all are wonderful.

Thank you!
Ryan Cassidy
Stateline, NV




I cannot thank you enough!!! We were truly running out of options.  The Mosby Foundation is a god send!!!

Thank you so much!! If there is anything I can do to help TMF, please let me know. I’m going to continue to raise awareness for K9 cancer on my new Facebook page, “Buddy’s Buds.”

Thank you again!!! You really have no idea what this means to us!!

Samantha and Buddy
Merrillville, IN