Mosby’s Mail Winter 2015

Pheona — San Francisco, CA

Pheona’s tail amputation went well, by Monday morning her foot was much more painful to her than her tail. She still has a bit of a nub that we have seen wiggle once so far. The swelling around the area has gone down quite a bit but she sure looks funny. She has 5 different areas on her body that are shaved, one spot is a huge square around her tail! We have to put the e-collar on her when we are sleeping, but during the day she does a great job of leaving her stitches alone. We have to watch that she isn’t licking her foot more than her backside.I cannot thank you and your agency enough for all that you have done to help Pheona and I during this time. We wouldn’t have had any choices or the joy of knowing it wasn’t cancer without all of you. She has a lot of life ahead of her yet! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

With love,
Julie and Pheona

Diego – San Antonio, TX

We can’t thank The Mosby Foundation enough for your donation and support for Diego. My little man will be back on his feet in no time.

Sincerest Thanks,
Audrey and Diego

Ping Meyer4, Louisville, KYPing – Louisville, KY

I can hardly type because I am so happy! My gratitude is beyond words……THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I am going ahead with Ping’s surgery tomorrow, Wednesday, November 12, 2014. The surgeon was able to get him on the schedule. I cannot thank you enough for your support, advice and dedication to my pet. I will be forever grateful to and supportive of The Mosby Foundation.

Kim and Ping

Libby – Cheyboygen, MI

I can’t believe what I just read from you! I was just thinking this morning that we really needed to keep Libby on the Itraconazole for longer since it appears that it is working so I was trying to come up with a way to make some more money! I really can’t believe this!Thank you soooo much! This news couldn’t have come at a better time! Please pass my thanks along with as much ENTHUSIASM as possible!

The Mosby foundation and its contributors are the best! Someday, when I am in a better financial situation, I will definitely pay it forward to other animals in need in the Mosby Foundation!

Love, Sandy, Libby and family
Merry Christmas

Skittles – Riverside, CA

Thank you so much. Skittles seems to be recuperating,really fast. I hope she is,feeling relieved and comfortable now without the kidney stones.

The stones were sent to a lab to find out their cause so I can change her diet if I need to. I really hope that she does not go through this again and will do what I can to avoid that.

Again, thank you so much for your help!
Ruby Ledezma

Pip – Woodstock, VA

I want to thank you so much for helping me with Pip’s surgery; she’s up and moving around fine. She will have the sutures removed next week. You have helped save her life.

Thank you all at the Mosby Foundation and I will pass along your kindness. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank You,
Roxanne Rastatter

Shamrock & Clover – Troutville, VA

I have two of the most precious Cocker Spaniels that were rescued during Hurricane Katrina and they are very very dear to me. Now at 9 years old they are having some issues with skin growths. . Both need these growths removed and one also needs dental work. Anyone having two dogs knows how expensive this can be, but when you are on a fixed income it is hard. I need to do what is right for them. That is where The Mosby Foundation came in. They helped both my dogs! My Shamrock and Clover survived one of the worst Hurricanes any two puppies could go through. Now, The Mosby Foundation is helping to keep them well.

Thank you is just not enough to say!
Francine Bray

Emma – Valley Village, NC

Emma hadn’t chewed a cardboard box in a long time. I like coming home to shredded cardboard. That means my dog is feeling better. And she’s begging for food and treats again!

Thank you so so so much for Emma’s cancer treatment donation from the Mosby Foundation.

Melanie Bradshaw

Angel – Evansville, IN

Just wanted to update you on Angel’s progress. He is doing 100% better…eating/ drinking/being mean to the cats…everything he did before getting sick and no more episodes.

The mass did come back as “hepatocellular carcinoma” but the “margins are free of neoplastic cells” as well as no evidence of vascular invasion. So not the best news, but is as good as it can be for a malignant mass. The vets recommend doing blood work and x-rays every 3 months for a year.

Again, thank you so much for all the help you and the Mosby Foundation did for me!!! It is very much appreciated. And I am going to have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tammy and Angel Jones

Biscuit– Dunwoody, GA

I just brought Biscuit home from his surgery. He is relaxing and resting. Thank you so incredibly much! Your organization was such a wonderful blessing to us.

Tammie Peterson

Cutie – Port St. Lucie, FL

I am so grateful for the generous donation The Mosby Foundation gave towards Cutie’s bladder stone surgery. She came through the surgery just fine and had a quick recovery. I don’t know what I would have done without your very generous financial support. Your foundation is all heart!

After I get an income and my finances are better, I will be “paying it forward” with a donation to The Mobsy Foundation, and I will be encouraging others to do the same. Thank you so very much!

Best regards,
Lisa & Cutie

Willow – Winooski, VT

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for all of the support that you gave our dog Willow. Willow was diagnosed with a malignant epulus in her jaw. This had made her very uncomfortable and she became a different dog. She was extremely lethargic, not wanting to even get out of bed. She also had a terrible odor coming from her mouth, worse than the typical dog breath. The diagnosis part of an illness is very costly and by the time the tumor was discovered I was unable to afford surgery. I was extremely concerned that I was going to be unable to get Willow the help she needed to live a happy and healthy life.

Without your support I don’t know how Willow would have been able to have the surgery she needed. Besides her wonderful recovery it’s amazing to see Willow back to her happy, energetic self. She has her spunk back and is her smiley self.

We want to thank everyone at the Mosby Foundation for helping us during this difficult time. It truly meant the world to our family! In the future we will do anything we can to support your amazing organization.

Thank you again for everything.
McKay, Greycey & Willow Steady

Liv – Costa Mesa, CA

We couldn’t do this without you! We are so grateful for your generous help! It’s because of Mosby that Liv was able to make it into surgery finally today after a long 3 month wait with a complete torn ACL and a knee that would severely dislocate.

Thank you all so very very much for everything you’ve done to get my Liv on the road to healing… which means I will be soon after too! 😉

Jeanne Rice

Kodi – Volvo, IL

Thank you again! Kodi is doing unbelievable – playing, eating, running, jumping up to give me kisses and more. I’m shocked! Aussies are so versatile and try to take everything in stride!

Margaret Bossow

Pumpkin Pi – Concord, CA

Pumpkin Pi is doing great and healing nicely. Was pretty painful the first few days (and still a little bit). But she never stopped wagging her tail and has remained at my side at all times. This has been such a long, difficult road and so many folks have come together to help her, I am so deeply appreciative. This surgery that The Mosby Foundation helped make possible will have a life-changing effect on Pumpkin Pi – she will be free from those chronic ear infections/pain for the first time in her life.

Thank you, again, for your help and support. Once back on my feet, I will continue to support your kind and generous organization and encourage others to do so.

Mary Long and Pumpkin Pi

Ella – Bethlehem, GA

Ella is doing great. Breathing great too! She was heart worm positive in July 2013 when she came from the shelter. In Nov 2014 she tested negative!

Thank you again for helping me give her a new life.

Wanda & Ella Stover

Ruby Two Shoes Norman4, San Mateo, CARuby — San Mateo, CA

Ruby made it through the surgery without any complications. She’s been sleeping a lot due to the pain medicines but she’ll be coming off those soon. The pacemaker surgery for a little dog was quite a big deal. It was tough to see her go through all that trauma. But she’s a trooper! And the staff at UC Davis couldn’t have been more kind. Thank you so much for your assistance in making this happen. I am forever grateful to The Mosby Foundation and UC Davis. As soon as I’m back on my feet with my new job, I’ll donate to The Mosby Foundation to pay it forward for other dog owners in need. Thank you for doing the work you do!

Hugs and thank you!
Erin Norman

Hachi Amato3Hachi — San Jose, CA

There are not enough words to THANK YOU & ALL OF THE KIND DONORS… I am forever in debt to The Mosby Foundation. There were 50 Organizations that said no to Hachi’s surgery, just in my most painful moments of giving up, I got your call. I am soooo grateful for the Mosby Foundation listening and believing his need.

God Bless You All, I can’t even type I’m shaking and in tears of joy…
Marie & Hachi

Kismet Guida2, Mineola, NYKismet — Mineola, NY

Kismet is doing great in her treatment and has less than a week remaining in her 3.5 week radiation treatment. She is her happy, playful self. The plan is to complete the treatment, and have a followup appointment with the oncologist 2 weeks later.

Thank you so much for the donation. It really helped and we are just so appreciative.

Christine & Kismet Guida

lily Miller2, Pueblo, COLily — Pueblo, CO

It has been I week since my best friend,Lily, has had surgery. Lily is almost completely healed and looking better than she has in a year. She is back to pouncing around the yard chasing squirrels and playing fetch with her favorite ball. I have tried to think of the words to say “thank you” to your foundation but nothing seems to be able to express how eternally grateful I am. Please know that you have been in my heart and will always remain there. Thank you for doing what you do – act as Angels to those of us in need.

May God Bless you always,
Heidi Miller & Lily

Davie Cuthbertson3, Phelan, CADavie 

Today Davie had his eighth cancer treatment with 17 more to go. He is doing great!! His lymphoma is in remission, and he continues to thrive while getting the chemo. Davie will have sarcoma surgery at another hospital that is letting me make payments. Thank you for your support and we appreciate you very much!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation. There are no words that can explain our gratitude.

Bless you all for your help for my boy Davie.
Forever Grateful,
Davie and Bari Cuthbertson