Mosby’s Mail Winter 2016

Kura Joseph4, Fairburn, GA

I just wanted to send you all a confirmation email regarding Kura’s surgery, which you all have made possible. Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Thursday 10/8. Of course, I am extremely anxious, but will certainly be relieved to have this life threatening issue resolved. I wanted to let you know that I have left a glowing and well deserved review on and again, if there is anything else I can do now or in the future for your organization, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I would also like to reiterate my sincerest gratitude to you all for facilitating this necessary treatment for my baby. The relief of sadness and despair has greatly improved both of our lives! I will inform you all of her status and progress as soon as I can. Thank you again!


Britton Abbey Joseph
Fairburn, GA

Jack DiNoble6, Durango, CO

When Jack was first diagnosed with cancer things looked grim and he was given only a month to live. Because of loving people like you he is happily hiking, playing and living life to it’s fullest. I just wanted you to know that you have made a huge difference in our lives, because Jack is still with us and is doing great!

Hope you are all doing well.


Linda, Todd and Jack DiNoble
Durango, CO

Anna Chamberlain, Dale City, VA

Well Anna did real good at the Hope Center yesterday. She got sick in the parking lot but it happens with an empty stomach and Chemo is what I was told. Dr.Mcneil said he is happy with how she is doing and said to keep on schedule. Dr McNeil added 2 meds for Anna. We would like to thank you and repay you for your assistance. I never thought in my life things would be so difficult, but when I look around I see others that have things much worse, it wakes me up to realize there are people who care and we want to thank you so much.

Much Love,

Bobby & Anna
Dale City, VA

You know what’s so cool? In almost every article you write about in Mosby’s Mission is the dog’s will to live! No matter how bad their lives have been they never want to give up. All they want is a little help and loving. You guys are great!!

Michael Reday & sidekick….Midnight
Mount Crawford, VA

Max pic2

Once again, thank you and the Mosby Foundation for your donation to my baby Max and for allowing him to give me months or years of unconditional love, by helping me with this donation. I am sending you Max’s treatment plans and protocol which can give you an idea of when these treatments are going to be received.

Again, there are not words to express my thanks to you and your foundation and as I promised to St. Francis who is the protector of all animals, “That who ever helped me even with a $20 donation, I will be always in debt and find a way to pay forward such kindness to my beloved Max.”

Kenia Veras-Gonzalez
Bronx, NY

Beau Pine5, Eastpoint, FLThe news for Beau is outstanding and unprecedented! Last week was a whirlwind! We arrived in Gainesville on Tuesday for Beau’s pre-op appointment and met with the Cardio team to discuss the procedure, expected outcomes and Beau’s pre-surgery exam. Wednesday morning, the day of Beau’s surgery, seemed to come too quickly, as we knew the seriousness of the procedure, but knew it was the only option to reduce Beau’s gradient pressure in his heart and to remove the very small ridge of growth that was causing his Aortic Stenosis and save his life! They took Beau back to the Cardio lab, as he was the second in line for surgery that morning. After a three hour wait, the nurse assisting Beau pre and post op care came to get us. She said that Dr. Estrada wanted to speak with us, but it was not bad news! When we met with Dr. Estrada, she explained to us that the drug therapy treatment, that just 3 weeks earlier that they started Beau on to prepare him for surgery, had had a remarkable effect on Beau’s gradient pressure, lowering it a staggering 80 points! Beau’s gradient pressure in his heart at his first exam was deadly 176! The gradient pressure should be zero! Dr. Estrada said that never in her practice had she seen a patient where drug therapy treatment had lowered the gradient pressure more than 10-20 points and yet Beau’s came down 80 points! Because Beau is responding miraculously to the medication, Dr. Estrada canceled his surgery for now and has marked his case, surgery pending! Dr. Estrada has continued the drug therapy treatment in order to manage his condition for the moment and to see if he will continue to respond with the hope that his pressure will drop even lower. Beau will revisit the Cardiologist in December for a recheck and I am hoping an praying that his response to drug therapy treatment will continue to be the answer for him. Thank you for all you and the Mosby Foundation have done for Beau! I pray that the medication will be a lasting solution for his life threatening disease!


Gabrielle Pine
Eastpoint, FL 

Simba Miller Palmdale CA

Hi!!! Wow!!!! Thank you so much, dearly!!! I am in tears and am absolutely so grateful beyond belief! Thank you! If I can come help your organization in any way ,other than monetary of course, please let me know. I would be honored!!!! Thank you!! I will keep you updated on how Simba is doing. I know I will have my spunky baby back again and I can’t thank you enough!

God bless you,

Jacqueline Miller
Palmdale, CA

Koda Von Diesel Stumpo, Dearborn Hgts, MI

Christine Stumpo

3:50pm Oct 22

Last night my sweet boy made it very clear to me that he had enough. It was a long night & I didn’t leave his side. I held him, I carried him, I helped him balance to pee. He was a strong warrior up to the end. He went to see Sally Jo extremely peacefully. I thank you all for all your love and support through his journey. In the beginning, Koda was given 3 months, with amputation and chemo, it was almost exactly 11 months since he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Over the last couple months, he was not himself. It wasn’t till last night that he cried. Well, he is not crying any longer, but I will and that’s ok because you guys know I’m an extremely emotional human! I love you all & thank you again for everything!! XXOO

PS Haley has never been an only fur child and it’s been 10 years since I’ve had 1 dog. Time for this sweet girl to get spoiled more than ever!

Christine Stumpo
Dearborn Hgts, MI

Sho Rolon3, Savannah, GAWe will be forever grateful for the Mosby Foundation and your generosity. I dropped Sho off at his appointment this morning at 8:30. Sho was so nervous he was shaking. They immediately took him back and told me a couple minutes later that they already had him under. His clinical signs should improve over the next week, but the actual healing process takes about six months to a year. I still need to take the same precautions with Sho, such as using a harness and not giving him toys that he would like to shake around.

I asked the doctor if Sho should be able to live a normal life and life span and he said yes, and that they have been very successful with Dobermans. I am so thankful that Sho has a second chance at living a happy life. Even though Sho is so drowsy, he still insists on lying in the middle of the floor to be close to everyone. I cannot express how grateful I am to have this opportunity to take him for treatment. I am sure if I had not done anything I would most likely have had to have put him down sometime soon.

Thank you,

Talisa Rolon
Savannah, GA

FIASCO AND SANTA Baldwin, Georgetown, TXFiasco goes for his second chemo treatment Wednesday (11/25/15). He is doing very well and is the highlight of my life.

The chemo makes him sick for a few days but that is to be expected. I want to thank the Mosby Foundation, Blue Buffalo and the Petco Foundation again for your donation to my efforts to save Fiasco’s life.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Alex Baldwin
Georgetown, TX

Troublez Carr, Beaverton, OR

Words just don’t seem adequate. Troublez is home resting on my lap. Bless all of you. We are 4-ever grateful. They removed several teeth and a tumor from the top of her head. I know Gods hand was throughout all of this, especially having all of you at The Mosby Foundation and her donor angels!! Bless all of you!

Hugs, Troublez & Thea Carr
Beaverton, OR

Pippin Geary2, Yucca Valley, CA

Oh! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! What a great birthday present for me! (happy tears) I have to schedule the appointment first. I could not do that until I had all the funds. You don’t know what this means for us! She has had such a hard time.

Donna Geary,
Yucca Valley, VA

Kaiya Pugh, Seattle, WA

I am writing to inform you of Kaiya’s progress post surgery. We had applied for funds from you because Kaiya was diagnosed with Adrenal Cancer after finding a tumor on her left adrenal gland. Due to the tumor, she also had Cushing’s Disease, which caused some hair loss, bulging of her stomach, sloping of her back due to muscle weakness, and overall lethargy. We watched the side effects of Cushing’s rapidly deteriorate Kaiya. As a 9 year old shepherd mix, we were not prepared for dealing with cancer this early on!

Thanks to help from The Mosby Foundation, we were able to go through with the surgery to remove the tumor. The surgeon was able to do a laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive, and within 7 days Kaiya was bounding through the snow and playing with other dogs once again! She is currently sporting a half-shaved body, and has been getting compliments from passers-by when we go for walks! Maybe it will be the new fashion statement for dogs… 🙂

Since the surgery, we have been tapering steroids, and are keeping a close eye on her recovery. We are thankful everyday that we were able to afford surgery for Kaiya. And we would not have been able to do it without your help.

Thank you so much,

Priya, Matt, and Kaiya
Seattle, WA

Angus Velasquez. Tucson, AZ

Oh my goodness!! I cannot thank you and all of the amazing people contributing, enough. I was in tears when I got your message. I have already started a fund raising website and I will update the other places I applied to about the funding as well. Thank you, thank you!!!!


Kristen & Angus Velasquez
Tucson, AZ

Ginger Fisher WAynesboro

Dear Mosby Foundation,

I’m sending this on my parents behalf, as they are computer illiterate.

We’d like to thank-you for your donation to Donnie & Dora Fisher, toward Ginger’s surgery. I can’t express all of our gratitude enough. She had her surgery yesterday evening, and is back at home recovering, & doing well. I helped them with a few names and numbers to apply for help, and you guys were the only ones to come through. I got the shock of seeing what was inside that poor little 15 lb. dog today, and I’m still in shock! I don’t know how she survived, and the vet said she was down to only a few days left, but thanks to you all, she’ll be here another 8 years to give my disabled parents joy and companionship! You all rock. I can’t express enough what this meant or how grateful we are. Your foundation is a true blessing and in a time where its sometimes difficult to see the good in the world, The Mosby Foundation did shine!!! You certainly saved this dogs life, and years of grieving by my parents. I’d like to know what people can do to help you all keep helping others like this, and I’m certainly gonna spread the word for others to donate to y’all, as you all are certainly as deserving of an organization as any, and a real class act.

I attached 2 pictures with this message, 1 of Ginger a couple days before her surgery, and 1 of the “boulders” or stones that were inside of her. I know you’ve probably seen things like this before, but I was and still am , in shock by the size and amount of stones inside this little dog! It’s amazing to me she survived. I’ll end this by just saying again, thank-you all so much; it means more than you could imagine!

Stacy Pittington
Waynesboro, VA

Zeke Willing Martin, Portland, OR

We are so happy to report that Zeke had surgery on Monday, and is recovering well. The mass that was removed was described by Dr. Haughen as a “cottage cheesy, puddingy” texture, and was not malignant. YAY!! His toe was removed but he is already walking better than I expected. He’s really doing great, except he HATES the Elizabethan collar of course. 🙂 I’ve attached a photo of him from yesterday.

He is seeing the doctor today to have his wound checked and his bandage removed/changed.

Well, deep heartfelt thanks to you and all at the Mosby Foundation for your help in making this possible. I can’t tell you how much it means to my husband and I, as well as a few family members who love Zeke almost as much as we do.

Gratefully yours,

Madalyn and Terry Martin
Portland, OR

Tara Salemi, Bradenton, FL

Thank you so much, and extend my gratitude to the rest of the staff at The Mosby Foundation for what you are doing for my Tara. She has meant a lot to me ever since she was 12 weeks old. She is truely the shining star in my life. With my three daughters grown and on their own, Tara is all this blind guy has in his life. We are looking forward to getting her treatment underway, beginning on the 14th of this month. Getting her on the road to recovery, is the best Christmas present that I could ever receive. Anything I can ever do to promote the foundation, I would do without hesitation. May you and all your associates there have a blessed holiday season.


Jerry Salemi
Bradenton, FL

Boomer Hurd3,Temecula,CA

It has been two months since Boomer’s surgery and I am pleased to say he is doing great. He is a different dog now that he isn’t in pain all the time. He is so out going and happy. Some of the pledges unfortunately didn’t come through. Thank you for all you’ve done. You saved Boomer’s life and he gives you a big doggie lick!

Barry Hurd
Temecula, CA

Ducky How2, Ypsilanti, MIGood morning! I do apologize but it has been a rough go with Ducky and his surgery.  I still cannot thank you, and your organization enough for the help you have provided!

These were only taken a few weeks ago, and as you can see, his incision site has healed nicely, and while he still tries to out-do himself with playing with my niece and nephew, he does well overall.

Once again, thank you so, so much! For what you did for me, and for what the Mosby Foundation does for pet owners like myself.

Eve How & Ducky
Ypsilanti, MI

GiGi Huneycutt3, Garland, TXTo all the Mosby Angels….

A note to say Thank You again for giving my precious Great Dane, GiGi, her eye surgery this past April, and for the freedom from pain she enjoyed after her surgery.

It has taken me many days to be able to write to tell you of her journey to the Rainbow Bridge last month from a brain bleed or tumor. All was well when we went to bed the night before, but the next morning our world came crashing down.

She got up but couldn’t/wouldn’t move. She didn’t know me nor the other dogs, didn’t know where she was; completely unresponsive. My neighbor helped me get all her 161 lbs. of pure love into my car – a horrible, heartbreaking trip to our vet, knowing I wouldn’t be bringing her home with me. We all miss our sweet and gentle girl  terribly, but are thankful she didn’t suffer long.

The help and kindness of the Mosby Foundation Angels will never be forgotten. The words to fully express my appreciation don’t seem to exist, but wanted to thank all of you again as best I could.

Hearts & thoughts,

Doris Huneycutt
Garland, TX

Ella Stover2, Bethlehem,GAI wanted to let you know, I lost Ella to bloat last Monday. I have just not been able to write until now. I miss her so badly. She went every where with me.

It was 2 am and I got up and went into the restroom. Ella was very comfortable in her bed half asleep.

I had only been in there maybe a min and I heard this horrible throat noise. I came out and she was throwing up and acting like something I had never seen before. I got her in the car and on the way called the University Of Georgia ER and said  I am on my way. Surgery was performed, but her stomach had twisted and half of it was dead up to her esophagus. I did not want to let her go, but for her sake I had to.

Ella was a once in a lifetime dog. She was my soulmate. She watched over me and got me going  on days I did not want to go. My only regret is I did not have her longer.  She was so smart and beautiful. Human like. Never have I been with a dog like her.

I want to thank Mosby for helping me give her a new lease on life ,last year, which she enjoyed to the fullest.Bless all of you for what you do. Here is one of my last photos I took of her. Such a beautiful girl. Inside and out.

Wanda Stover,
Bethleham, Georgia

Cosmo Albino, Burlington, KYMy name’s Melissa Albino and last year your foundation gave us a grant to help my sweet Cosmo! He was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We had 9 great months together post-diagnosis!  But… I’m afraid I have some sad news.

On July 7th, Cosmo passed away. The cancer was causing him so much pain, he had stopped eating. I couldn’t put my boy through any more pain. He was put down at his local vet.

We’re all sad, but we’re also happy he’s no longer in pain. We also got an extra 9 months with him post diagnosis. It’s not the prognosis we would’ve liked, but we made so many great memories that I’ll keep dear to my heart forever.

Thank you so much for accepting our application and giving us financial assistance when we desperately needed it. Cosmo was and still is very important to me.

We set up a little memorial for him in our home, plus we have a little tree coming in the mail to add to it.

Thanks again, and keep doing what you’re doing. You rock!

 Take care
Melissa Albino
Burlington, KY 

Coconut Shippe, St. Augustine, FLThank you for the generous donation, I can’t express how grateful we are. I will keep; you posted on Coconut’s progress, I am very optimistic and looking forward to a long happy life with my beautiful girls, Coconut and Breeze. Again, a very heartfelt thank you for all you have done for me and all that you do for all the loved animals in the world.

Stacy Shippe, Coconut and Breeze
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Belle Henderson, Bettendorf, IABelle is doing great!  Belle’s periodontal disease was so extensive that she needed many more teeth extracted than the 1-4 infected teeth they originally estimated.  Here are the number of extractions she had:  2 Incisors, 9 Premolars & 6 Molars.  She has only 4 teeth left.  The vet gave her an injection for pain control and sent home some pain medication.  She didn’t have any bad reactions to the procedure and she wanted to eat when she got home.  I  am moistening her kibble while I slowly transfer her to canned dog food.  She is much more awake, alert and barking more often.  She wants to guard the house when anyone walks on the sidewalk in front of our house.  She had not felt like doing much of anything before the procedure.  Now, she can give me kisses without her breath killing me.  I took pictures of the front of the veterinary office and the office manager, Sara, holding Belle when I arrived to bring Belle home.  Thanks so much, for the help of your wonderful organization.

Susan Henderson
Bettendorf, IA