Mosby’s Mail

Mosby’s Mail – Winter 2018

Margie just wanted to check in and say hello :-).  Your generous donation to her chemotherapy treatments has not been forgotten.  She is still soldiering on Mosby Foundation!

Thank you!
Michelle Gosnell
Baltimore, MD


Thank you!  I feel like you started us off on a great note! Tootsie is doing well after her treatment yesterday. There was just 1 small lymph node they could barely feel so the Oncologist said chances are Tootsie is in remission now! They still do the full 25 week protocol of treatments to keep her in remission the longest, but great news! Thank you for caring, for your help and your kindness. We are so thankful to The Mosby Foundation, to you and to the donors.  I hope you have a great day. You surely deserve it.

Ali Brown
Milan, MI

Rambo & I just want to thank you for the generous grant you provided.  It is humbling to see your child in pain and not be able to help.  Before I adopted Rambo, she was abused and starved.  I promised her that she would never suffer again.  Without your foundation I would have broken my promise!

I will keep you updated and thank you again for helping her!
Brittnee & Rambo
Odenville, AL 


We got some great news yesterday! Sprout no longer needs to wear the cone of shame and he can be eased back to normal activity over the course of the week, meaning no more strict crate rest.

We did X-rays and his surgeon said the FHO surgery was successful and healing properly! He also said the radiologist that he sent the old X-rays to was not concerned about the possibility of bone cancer. Whew.

Some of his seizure activity returned for a week, but we’re a few days without any tremors so I’m hopeful that’s done now too. Next step is starting a physical therapy plan.

This has been a crazy few weeks but things are starting to be normal again. Thanks again to everyone at The Mosby Foundation for your assistance. Look what a happy dog I have now!

Thomas DeSanto
Richmond, VA

Thank you so much for your kind contribution! Faith is doing well after surgery. She is on the road to recovery. She is wearing a cone constantly to protect the stitches. She is taking medication as prescribed. We could not have done this without your foundation. My 4 year old daughter is happy to see Faith more alert, eating, drinking water and in less pain. We know the pain from her eye surgery is different than the pain previously and it will subside soon. Before we were hopeless and now we are hopeful because of your contribution. Attached are a before and after picture. I will send more photos as her recovery continues. We are forever grateful for the heartfelt donation from you!

Thanks again!!
Tonja Paolini
Myrtle Beach, SC


Chewy started her treatment yesterday which is 30 days on doxycycline. Next will be 30 days off doxycycline. Her next appointment is December 22nd for the actual heartworm medicine injection. I took these pictures yesterday. No adverse reactions to the meds. So far so good!

Thank you so much!
Tanya Thomas
Lakeland, FL 


Merlen’s surgery was successful! Thanks to your all’s help, that was a true act of kindness and love of animals. We certainly appreciate your help, and Bridgett, thanks for overseeing this and being so nice to me and Merlen. You saved his life, that’s a very big deal to me.  For now he’s been doing great and should only be getting better. Thank you again for everything along with everyone at The Mosby Foundation,

God bless you all,
Mark & Merlen Rose
Fairborn, OH 



These past few weeks have been filled with so much joy. Ellie had her last
check up on Wednesday and is in perfect health. Her incisions are now healed
and she plays all day. Ellie has become my pup once again. She is also vocal
again and has begun to play with her toys. I can’t express how grateful I am
for your organization. To have my best friend back and happy is the best
gift I could have ever received. The Mosby Foundation has been the light in
a very stressful year.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me
back my fur baby.

Best wishes,
Amanda Brown
Aransas Pass, Texas



Thank you for all you do and your generous pledges. Here are some post surgery pictures with her masses and tumors removed. Today Misty had her first walk in the park feeling good like her old self, the drain & the staples were removed today. Prayers and blessings to you all.

Elizabeth Pelletier
Newbury Park, CA



Just wanted to update you all on Bear. He is doing wonderful and progressing as hoped. He is able to express his bladder now and is up walking around, although a bit wobbly. His surgeon says about 6 more weeks of therapy. Thank you so very much for helping Bear. We are forever grateful!

Gods Grace Canine Rescue
Rising Sun, MD 



Thank you all so very much for your help with Jynx’s surgery and I will definitely keep you updated on his progress. We will be forever grateful for the people who have helped make this possible. He is home and recovering well so far. He is pretty bruised and swollen as expected but in far less pain than prior to the surgery. He had to have a screw placed in the right side of his pelvis and a plate put in the right femur. The doctor said he should recover fine but it will be a lengthy process. He is able to walk in short distances with support to potty but otherwise is crated. I’ll continue to update as he gets better. 

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Danyelle Gillespie & Jynx    (photo of Jynx……if we get one)
Ellliston, VA



A picture is worth a thousand words, but our hearts are full of thanks!

You deserve thanking!
Lois & Davy Hultz Rutledge Lucas
Spring Valley, CA




Addie has been having so much fun!  She has been doing great! She’s such
a sweet happy girl! I don’t know what we would have done without The Mosby Foundation and all the kindhearted souls that donated to Addie in her time of need.

Thank you so very much everyone!
Sue Themann
Addison, AL



Duff and I want to say thank you so much for helping him with his cancer fight. The legacy of Mosby and his mission lives on with your support of Duff in his brave fight. We are so grateful for you, Petco Foundation, and the work you do.

Many thanks again and prayers to you all,
Jon & Duff
Cape Coral, FL



Thank you all for the assistance with Jack’s eye surgery.  As you can see, he is doing great!

We are so grateful!
Michelle & Jack Teels




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