Ms. Beatrice Taylor – Lafayette, IN

Ms. Beatrice’s surgery was better than expected Friday.  In fact, she did so well in recovery, I was able to take her home Friday late afternoon!  She was very happy to be home and her kitties were glad to have her back!  She will return in a few days for a check up to make sure the incision is healing well.  It’s about 4-5” long, bless her, but doesn’t seem to bother her.  What does bother her is being shaved a bit too close on her vulva, but medicine and a bit more time with hair growth with relief that discomfort, bless her!  She has been taken off her heart meds completely and will not require them!!  It’s just amazing!!

I was so happy and relieved to see Dr. Green (on the right) was going to be taking care of Bea.  He is the cardiologist for Purdue’s Vet School and took such wonderful care of Lizzie (my poodle) who had a different set of heart problems.  With his care and that of Dr. Bunton and Dr. D’Angelo at Paw Prints (our vet), Lizzie’s life was extended three years.  I’m so fortunate to have them taking care of Ms. Bea. 

I cannot thank you and the Mosby Foundation enough for giving towards Bea’s surgery!  We have been so blessed to have found you!!  I will certainly be keeping you updated on her progress.

All the best and big hugs from me and Ms. Bea!!