Our Sponsors

Petco FoundationPETCO FOUNDATION AND BLUE BUFFALO TAKE A BITE OUT OF CANINE CANCER! The Mosby Foundation has been awarded a very generous grant by The Petco Foundation and Blue Buffalo to assist with funding the treatment of cancer in dogs. Canine cancer is now the leading cause of death in dogs in this country.Blue Buffalo Cancer Research

This grant is directed toward helping families that may not otherwise be able to afford cancer treatment for their dog. Applicants may complete a preapplication by clicking on our financial aid page. WE CANNOT THANK THE PETCO FOUNDATION AND BLUE BUFFALO ENOUGH!

Learn more at petcancerawareness.org


Donor 2013-02- Donner Foundation10/15/14
SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE WILLIAM H. DONNER FOUNDATION! With grateful hearts, we send out a special thank you to The William H. Donner Foundation for a generous grant once again awarded to The Mosby Foundation. This grant helps us  continue our life-saving and health- restoring medical assistance program. Many, many dogs are being helped with this assistance. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF ALL OF OUR HEARTS!


We are very grateful to the Greg Biffle Foundation for awarding a 2014 grant to The Mosby Foundation’s Spay/Neuter Program. This grant was used to help pay for spaying and neutering dogs whose families want to do the right thing to promote the life-saving benefits of addressing pet overpopulation, but financially are unable to do so without the help of The Mosby Foundation. Within two weeks we used the entire grant of $1,000 to approve the spay/neutering for approximately 13 dogs including pit bulls, hounds, and labs. Thank you so much for helping us in these efforts.