Thank you so much for helping Kota!!!!!

Your donations allowed Kota to receive his urgent surgery to correct his lower eyelid and battle an aggressive infection!

Kato would rather love people instead of bite them so his future with the Canine Police Unit ended.
Kato greeting his friends from “Nana’s Class”

Kota was training with the local police department, but officers quickly realized he would rather love people instead of bite them so his future with the canine unit ended. By not making the “bite club”, he was able to be adopted by his loving family when he was 17 months old.

Through the years, Kota has become the welcoming committee at his home to many foster dogs, cats, and horses. He is a solid source of love and loyalty to his mom and human sibling. He also loves when “Nana’s Class” comes over and he can visit his friends who are wheel chair bound.

As Kota has gotten older, his anxiety and fear of thunderstorms has caused him to hide under beds or in closets. While his family was out of the house, he tried to escape his kennel during a storm. His bottom eye lid was caught and ripped, causing an immediate need for an emergency surgery to save his eye.

Kota’s emergency surgery his eyelid began to loose blood supply and became infected.

As if that weren’t traumatic enough for this sweet guy, there was a loss of blood supply to the lower lid and a nasty infection afterwards. These complications will now require another very extensive and expensive surgery.

Kota has been a loyal rock to his mom supporting her through the loss of a husband and then the sickness and recent loss of her father. This time, “Kota needs something from me that I can’t provide and my heart is breaking. He’s loyal and loving in so many ways.” Please help Kota get the surgery he needs so he can get back to being the happy and healthy pup he once was. Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.