Quincey – Williams Bay, WI

Five years ago I went through a divorce and wanted a dog to have as a companion and to help me feel safe in my home (someone had broken into my apartment one night twenty years before while I was sleeping) since my ex was taking his dog with him. I went with my son, who was nine years old at the time, to the Rock County Humane Society to see ATT_1438347453281_20150525_144024what they had available. They had many, many pitbulls which I was leery of considering because of their reputation and because I had two children. We went up and down the aisles of kennels and all the dogs would bark and some would jump up at the kennel door at us. All except one. He was a smaller brown pitbull and he just sat there and watched us. When we would look at him, his tail would wag and when we looked away it would stop. When we looked back, his tail would wag. He was so calm but yet hopeful while all the other dogs were jumping and barking at us. We went home to get my daughter and came back to see him again and decided to take him with us. Bekah was worried how he would be with her cats (one of which had three legs and the other who was 24 years old) but after an initial period of disgust on the part of the cats toward the dog and exuberance on the part of the dog toward the cats they got along fine.


Quincey has turned out to be the most loving and affectionate animal I have ever owned. He is a very good watch-dog and guard dog. Even though he was smaller he challenged and stopped a bulldog that charged us while we were walking one time by our house. Quincey absolutely loves people and hates to not be around them. He has never shown aggression towards a person and while he used to get excited at seeing other dogs after three training courses and taking him to many different places he has gotten much better. His trainer even said he could be a therapy dog because he is so good.


20150418_115249Just before I contacted your foundation we were told that Quincey had prostate cancer which is very rare for a dog his age. We took him to the UW Veterinary teaching hospital in Madison, Wisconsin and were told that there was no cure but they could treat it. Being a single mom with two school-age children I could not afford the cost of treatment which was over $5200.00. I had already spent $3000.00 on my own for the testing and vet costs up to that point and had no family to ask for help. My two choices were to either just let Quincey die or try to find help with foundations like yours. Quincey is like a child to me and with thanks to organizations like yours we are able to keep him with us for a little while longer yet and to spoil him in his remaining days.


Thank you so much for your help and for doing what you do.


Maggie, Bekah, Stephen and Quincey Trussler