Thank you so much for helping Rocky!

Update on sweet Rocky!

Rocky is doing much better and eating well. His mom prepares his food so that it is soft and he is eating faster now that he is healing. Also, he is now able to shake his head a little like all dogs do when they get up.  Another great sign! Thank you so much to all who have donated to his cause and reached out with well wishes!! We will keep you posted as we learn more.  Here is a picture of Rocky and his bother Buster-such a sweet brotherly bond! 







On Monday August 20th my wife had just finished walking both of
our labs, Rocky and Buster, and was playing with them in the back
yard. Michelle went inside the house to use the restroom briefly and
when she came back out Rocky had gone on a walkabout. Michelle
had forgotten to put the radio collars back on the dogs before she
went inside. She walked around the house calling for Rocky when
she heard a gunshot across the neighborhood in the direction of a
man who lives across the pasture from us. In less than a minute Rocky ran back to the house from the direction of the gunshot.  When he got to Michelle she could see he was hurt badly. He had a hole is his right jaw and blood was gushing from his mouth. She called me at work in a panic saying “I think Rocky has been shot!” I told her to get him in the car and to the vet immediately. I can’t believe he was able to get back home.

Dr. Zeni and his staff had to sedate and incubate Rocky to assess his injuries and keep him from suffocating. The bullet had passed through the jaw, through the tongue and epiglottis, and stopped on the opposite side in his neck. Dr. Zenio advised us we had to make a decision right there to either try to save Rocky or have him put down. Rocky’s prognosis was good and we couldn’t let Rocky die, he’s part of our family! She advised us of the potential costs and we decided we would just have to find a way to pay. They were able to sew the back of his tongue and epiglottis together the best they could.

Rocky was then transported to Greenbrier Emergency Hospital in Charlottesville where the vet was able to assess him and essentially told us what Dr. Zeni had said. We left him under their care and during the night and they were able to remove the breathing tube and place a nasal tube in for oxygen. The bleeding had slowed and Rocky was breathing on his own! After 4 days he was released to come home with pain medication and antibiotics. When Rocky saw his momma (Michelle) come to pick him up he wailed and howled so loud the staff couldn’t talk on the phone. She had to get on the floor with him to calm him down because she didn’t want him to hurt himself anymore than he was already. Everyone there was crying seeing a dog so excited to see his momma. Rocky has been progressing okay, he’s weak and sleeps a lot but is eating. He also has a lot of follow up vet visits scheduled.

The bills are approaching $7000 dollars with more to come. All over forgetting a collar and a curious dog taking a
walk alone. Please help Rocky and his wonderful family recover from this tragedy! “No dog ever deserves to be shot!”