Romulus – Boston, MA

Romulus is a 9 year old Doberman with Bone Sarcoma who lives in Boston, MA, Romulus is needing an amputation of leg and then a cycle of Chemotherapy.  He is so handsome; Mom is a fellow studying to be a Oncologist and he is her companion in the good times and bad times.  His update since surgery is that he is doing really well and is happy and healthy,  He misses going out to run,  but he does get to go on short walks until he is completely healed.    Chemotherapy starts this week and all thoughts are good.  Thank you The Mosby Foundation for your help.

Update: 6/30/16

Romulus is doing great, did develop an abscess on incision site but vet gave him some antibiotics and he is much better and ready for round 3 of chemo on 7/7/16