Ruger – Anchorage, AK


Needs:  $6,376 to $8,971

Surgery Needed:  Removal of tumor on his adrenal gland

This is Ruger’s story:

Ruger is my amazing 10 year old black labrador that has been with me for two years. Prior to living with me, he had been shot living alone on a 10 acre property in Alaska. Then he was given to another owner that had decided to put him down 2 years ago. The vet decided there was no reason to put him down so she asked that they surrender Ruger to her instead. I ended up finding out about Ruger and adopted him immediately. Since then he has been my amazing hiking buddy here in Alaska. We do everything together. He loves everyone he meets and is the sweetest dog I have ever met. He has never even barked at anyone or another dog. Ruger is the most gentle soul and he deserves to have more years to hike, chase his tennis balls, and play with his favorite teddy bear.

On 10/13/16 he had a very high fever and was sluggish.  We took him to the PetER where he needed to stay over night on fluids due to a very bad infection.  Over the next few days he was tested with Xrays and Ultrasounds. In trying to find out the cause of the infection, Dr. Walton found a tumor on his right adrenal gland.  This is devastating news. It is pushing down on the largest vein in his body, the vena cava. It is very large (baseball size), but somehow miraculously has not attached to the vein yet. 

Saving his life with this surgery means everything to us.  We have already spent $3,000.00 over the weekend for his care. The surgery will be performed at Pet ER in Anchorage by a highly skilled surgeon. There are only 2 that are qualified in Anchorage to perform the difficult and expensive surgery. The good news is that Ruger’s prognosis with this surgery is very, very good!

Please help us save our beautiful loving Ruger!  He deserves to have many more years with his forever family…….especially after his terrible beginning.

Update:  January 27, 2017


Ruger is doing much better. He is finally back to fully enjoying the outdoors and has happily passed out on the couch today since it finally was a sunny warmer day. Thank you again for everything.

Caroline Potasz


Update on Ruger: 12.12.16

Ruger had his surgery and is doing really well and should be up and ready for his Christmas presents 🙂