Simba – Palm Harbor, FL

Simba-Palm-Harbor-FL-1 (1)

Simba had his surgery on 3/17/16. They were able to wash the stones back up through the urethra into the bladder. Dr Oakes removed the bladder and took out 10 or more stones and several polyps. He sent both of them out to the labs. The polyps were caused by the irritation of the stones, the report shows. It will be about 2 to 3 weeks before we get the report on the stones. Simba had an easy surgery and came home 3/18/16 in the PM.

Simba-Palm-Harbor-FL-3 (1)Simba is doing well with few mishaps. He gets tired easy and sleeps a lot. He does not like the prescription dog food yet. So, we have to doctor it with brown rice, veggies, and chicken. I add ¼ cup to the ¾ cup dog food twice a day. Medication are all finished too. We had to put him in a special diaper at night because of licking the stitches. He had an eight inch incision on his tummy. We all survived the whole thing and he just had the stitches removed. We all are very happy. Thank you so much for your help.

Elizabeth, Beverly and Simba Van Zyl

We are sending you pictures of Simba. We hope you enjoy them. The first one Simba is in his diaper and his shirt. The second one Simba is watching for bugs/anything else. The last one is Mom and Simba. Yes, he does like his sunglasses.