Thanks for helping Ricky Ricardo!

Ricky Ricardo is doing awesome after his surgery to repair a ruptured disc. He was given the ok to have outside potty breaks last Friday. He has 2 more weeks on kennel rest.
He shocked his Neurologist with his neck movements. He is eager to get back to his job charming everyone he meets!

Ricky Ricardo is a four year old Beagle that had trouble finding his person at first. He had up to five homes in his first 1 1/2 years. Cristee was asked to dogsit. No one came back for him. He was not house trained and a bit snappy when he moved in with his forever mom. She could see that he just wanted to be loved and to know he finally had someone to love him forever. Ricky blossomed under Cristee’s care. Now he visits nursing homes and brings joy to the residents there. He loves to hug everyone!

Ricky’s hugging days are on hold due to a ruptured disc. The standing up to hug people causes a lot of pain. The neurologist identified that he requires spinal decompression surgery. He is comfortable on meds currently. But meds aren’t a long term solution and he spends a lot of time in his kennel so that he doesn’t damage the disc further. His sister Lucy misses their snuggle times! Cristee sleeps next to him so that he never feels lonely.

Cristee has worked hard to find funding for this surgery. She has set up a GoFundMe page, applied to many organizations and worked with her local resources to raise funds.