Tucker – Katy, TX

Tucker Updates

Update: February 28, 2016

Tucker - Katy, TXDear Mosby Foundation,

I’ve got some bad news but also some good news. Tucker has had a small setback due to an infection in his leg but we are back on the road to recovery and his prognosis looks very good! In January, we noticed he was licking his right leg, where he had surgery, and our vet told us he had an infection, possibly due to his body rejecting the plate and screws in his leg. So over the next few weeks, we tried two different types of antibiotics, which helped for a little while, but he continued trying to licking it afterwards. Unfortunately, he had to have another surgery to remove the plate and screws, surgery took place on February 18th and he’s now back home on cage rest. He’s got five small holes in his right front leg so we’re taking things very slow for a little while. I want to thank ya’ll again for helping my little guy and I in our time of need! We were very blessed to have so many kind people contribute to our fund and making the orthopedic surgery possible for him.

God Bless you all,
Katy, TX

Update: September 15, 2015

Tucker has been doing great and after 8 long weeks of cage confinement and X rays showing his leg has healed, he can return to being a normal dog! It was hard to keep him in his cage all day, and after a couple of weeks I decided to buy him a doggy stroller and that’s how we survived his cage rest. If he wasn’t in his cage, he was in to that stroller and sometimes he preferred it over his cage! I am so grateful to the Mosby foundation and everyone who donated to help Tucker get his surgery! In a few weeks, he will be able to run, so we are slowly building up to that. I never thought Tucker would need such a expensive surgery but having the Mosby foundation in that time of need was a blessing!

Katy, TX

Update: July 21, 2015

Tucker072215Thank you! Tucker is home! He had surgery on July 10 and had to stay in the vet hospital for about a week due to swelling. We were finally able to pick him up on July 19, and I’m happy to say that he is doing much better! His leg is still a little swollen, but starting to go down, and it is much straighter than before! He’s currently wearing an e-collar but once his stitches heal in about a week he can have it off. He can walk on his leg, and we are making sure he heals well by cage resting him at all times except for bathroom breaks. We are so grateful to The Mosby Foundation for helping us, and to all the donors who helped us raise the funds towards his surgery! We would not have been able to have his surgery without the help.¬†Thanks again!

Update: July 16, 2015

Sorry to keep you waiting, Tucker has had to stay at the hospital for an extended amount of time, and he might be able to leave on Friday. I haven’t been able to see him yet, he’s had a lot of swelling but it’s starting to go down. Will send photos and an update when I see him. Thanks again! Carmen

Update: July 9, 2015

Tucker had surgery, we will update as soon as we get details!

Update: July 8, 2015

Funding Closed.