Tumble and Baby

We just got this from a wonderful woman who is a mail carrier in Alabama and rescues everything!  She is a certified wildlife rehabilitator and dog rescuer. Baby is the black dog she just rescued.  The white dog is Tumble who can’t get around without his dog cart for both his front and back legs. Sue found Tumble discarded while she was on her rural mail route.


   “Tumble has found a friend! This is Baby. I named her that because the silly girl will lay there and “nurse” on a blanket or pillow until she falls asleep. I think she may have been taken away from her mother too soon.


   I got Baby from a man who was taking her down an old logging road in the forest to shoot her! She had turned up in his yard and he didn’t want a dog especially a female. He tried for two weeks to run her off. She was looking at me and wagging her tail with such a pitiful look on her face. I told him I’d take her. She jumped into my mail truck and parked her butt in the back just like she had been riding with me all her life! I gave her something to eat. She was starving because he didn’t want to feed her hoping she would just leave on her own. I’m so glad I got there when I did!


   When we got to the house later that day she made herself at home. She went right to the Tumble’s pile of pillows and plopped herself down. She seemed a little confused by Tumble at first, but that didn’t last long. Next thing I knew they were rolling around on the pillows. Tumble had the happiest grin on his face! Now that she doesn’t feel the need to follow me everywhere she spends a lot of time hanging out with the Tumble Bug. They’re adorable together!


   Baby appears to have a spay scar so I’m going to run her by the vet to see if she might be chipped. I would hate to give her up, but if she has an owner who cared that much about her I would want to see her go home. I’m actually hoping that she isn’t  chipped. Tumble would miss her terribly!”


 **UPDATE: Baby will be staying!!! No chip. Dr.Lee said it looked like she had been shot in the chest with birdshot! He deadened a spot and sure enough he popped out a pellet! Dr. Tyree has had anyone looking for a dog fitting her description and there’s nothing on local facebbook or other pet locating sites. So Baby has a home and Tumble has a BFF!!!