Update on Buddy!

UPDATE: Buddy has a check up with his surgeon on 08/30/18.  If all looks well he will be cleared for normal indoor activities (jumping on furniture, climbing stairs, etc.).  For an additional 3 weeks he will have outside restrictions and then he will be good to go! Paws crossed all goes well!  His mom says “He is behaving like a young dog that is for sure!  He can now pop up very quickly from sitting or laying, which is a HUGE change from before!  Thanks again!” 


UPDATE: Buddy had his surgery on 07/03/18 and is back at home resting! Here is a note from his mom: “Buddy did well. He came home yesterday and is hobbling around pretty good, considering. They ended up doing a cement-less hip which will allow the bone to grow around the implant. The hard part is going to be keeping him from being a “puppy” for 2 months.” Thank you again to all of our super awesome donors and supporters who helped make this possible! Buddy and his family are so grateful for your support!  


UPDATE: So many generous donors rallied around Buddy and we are so happy to announce that he will receive his Total Hip Replacement Surgery on July 2, 2018! Thank you to all that donated to his cause! His family is over the moon with excitement knowing that he will be on the road to recovery soon! Please join us in wishing Buddy a successful surgery and a swift recovery! Thank you to all the amazing donors who made it happen! We will keep you all posted as we learn more!


Waynesville, OH

Surgery: Total Hip Replacement 
Total needed:$5500 
Total Raised: $650

Hi Folks,
Just one look at this 10-month old puppy and my heart melted. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio by a family that simply adore him. Buddy, unfortunately has one of the worse cases of hip dysplasia his surgeon has ever seen. The good news is that with a complete hip replacement immediately, Buddy is expected to be able to grow up pain free and play and enjoy the full life all dogs deserve.
The bad news is that this hip replacement will cost $5,500. The family, kids included, have been working hard trying to raise funds and have only been able to raise $650. They need our help! Buddy needs your help!
If you would like to help Buddy grow into the big happy boy he should become, please send your donations marked “Buddy” to The Mosby Foundation. Buddy’s special fund drive can be found on our updated homepage at www.themosbyfoundation.org and you can donate there as well.

Thank You!

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