Zeke – Ft. Collins, CO

Update: 8-15-16

Hi there,

I wanted to share an update.  Zeke is now 7 years old.  When he was 1 The Mosby Foundation along with their amazing donors allowed us to give Zeke the gift of surgery to relieve his pain caused by hip dysplasia.  The left ball joint was removed.  Zeke did great for many years and then this year needed this same surgery done on his left hip.  I am so happy to say once again he is back to his playful self.  Here are a few pictures, one of which is with his 2 legged sister Zoey whom he loves so very much.  And the feeling is mutual!

Thanks again!
Christy Mascarenas

Hi, I just wanted to share some photos of Zeke.  Camping and at the pooch plunge in Ft. Collins.  He was 1 when the Mosby foundation helped us fund his hip surgery which was in 2010.  He is doing great and want all of the donors to know how grateful we are for every single contribution that was made to help our family!